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Anniversary Promo Ideas for the Drink Industry

 The drink industry is well-loved by all customers as it gives customers a variety of options to choose from. Ranging from gassy and refreshing drinks such as Cola to healthy drinks such as Kombucha, consumers are simply spoilt for choice. We believe that anniversary promos are a great way to boost marketing and increase sales. Hence, we would like to introduce a series of anniversary promo ideas that your company can consider rolling out. 

  1. Bottle opener

Bottle openers are an effective way to boost beer marketing. With the opener being small, easy to carry and useful, consumers would be more inclined to bring them around. Moreover, custom bottle openers can also be designed to celebrate your company’s anniversary. Furthermore, it has sufficient space for logo branding to enhance and increase your brand visibility. Check out this blog on customized bottle openers for some interesting bottle opener ideas. 

  1. Cup holder

Cup holders are a product that has been extremely thoughtful for consumers. This product has been extremely popular because of its ability to carry around beverages. You would have seen this product around or even gotten one for yourself due to its functionality. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic carriers to carry your drinks. Hence, it has been an increasingly sought after product. This product can be customised to suit your brand through the use of colours or even via logo branding. 

Check out this blog on custom cup holders which explain why your company should invest in custom cup holders as a promotional gift. 

  1. Keychain 

Keychains are an extremely common promotional tool to boost sales and increase brand awareness. It would be a great anniversary promo idea due to the fact that it can be easily customised and it is conveniently sized. Keychains are small and can be attached to most things such as your keys, bags and other personal belongings. Therefore, they are great in improving brand visibility and brand remembrance of customers. If you are interested in keychain ideas, you can view this blog for 10 promotional keychain product ideas.

  1. Mini Coolers 

Next up, we believe that mini coolers are a great anniversary promo idea. Mini coolers are just the right size so they can easily be brought around and are also awesome in keeping drinks cool and keep your customers refreshed. These mini coolers can be used for any event such as picnics, parties and even at the comfort of your own homes. Hence, we assure you that mini coolers are excellent and will definitely be well loved by your customers. To top it off, they are highly customizable so they can be customized to be an anniversary exclusive. This would definitely make your promotional product highly sought-after when your anniversary arrives. This blog on branded mini coolers shows you all that you need to know about them!

  1. Wine Aerator 

A wine aerator sounds like an extremely sophisticated item but the matter of fact is that it is a practical item that can be used for wines to keep them fresh and maintain its quality. Furthermore, they are mostly used to shape the stream of the liquid to prevent spillage. Thus, aerators can also be used for other bottled beverages as well as it can be easily attached to the mouths of a bottle Wine aerators are highly functional and can be used for various purposes. Thus, it is a great promotional item that can be rolled out during an anniversary promo. You can also check out this blog for other interesting wine promotional products that you can possibly roll out in your promotions too! 

  1. Bottle Koozies

Koozies are another interesting drink promos that can be used as an anniversary giveaway. Koozies have the ability to keep drinks refreshed and cool for extended periods of time. Furthermore, they also minimise direct physical contact with your drink to reduce cold burns, making your experience much more enjoyable. Bottle koozies are small and easily customizable. They are also extremely cute and definitely eye-catching. Koozies can be used for bottles or even cups, thus making it the perfect complement to your beverage anniversary promotion.  

  1. Color changing cups 

Color changing cups are another interesting product that you can gift during this anniversary promo. These cups are eye-catching due to its ability to change its colour when liquid is poured in it. It can be used for any type of beverage as well- be ot beers, juice, or milk tea. Moreover, it is well-loved by many people from different age groups. Color-changing cups can be customised with your brand logo and even the colours can be matched to your company’s preference. For more information and ideas on color changing products, you can check out this blog that we’ve posted recently.

  1. Wine glass cleaning brush 

Here we have a wine glass cleaning brush which is a product that is definitely functional and would make the lives of customers much easier. With this wine brush, say goodbye to the intense scrubbing stains off your precious glassware. With a curved design and durable bristles, it makes cleaning easier! This product is small and unique, and definitely useful around the house. Hence, it will definitely allow for increased brand awareness if you brand the product with your company logo. Check out this blog for more information on this custom cleaning brush.  

  1. Drink coasters 

Drink coasters are commonly used in bars, offices and at homes to prevent glasses and cups from leaving stains on your table or getting it wet. We love how drink coasters provide extra added convenience to customers. Thus, we believe that it would make a great anniversary promo gift. With it having a high usability, it can definitely increase brand recognition and brand awareness. Furthermore, it has sufficient space for logo branding and can be customised to fit the theme of your anniversary. If you are interested in some cool coaster ideas, you can take a look at this blog where we share multiple case studies of coasters offered by different beverage companies.

These are just some of the many products that we believe will compliment your beverage products and would be ideal for your anniversary promo. Besides, these products are small and convenient to carry around. Hence, they are also great ideas for a merchandise kit. Check out this blog on some interesting brand ambassador kit ideas as well! 


So, if you are looking for ideas for your next anniversary celebrations, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We are here to help you come up with effective marketing strategies and products to make your anniversary celebrations more fun and memorable!