Tuesday 1 December 2020

Pokemon Gears Up for its 25th Anniversary Celebration

 Pokemon Gears Up for 25th Anniversary Celebration

Gotta catch 'em all! The Pokemon Company is gearing up for its upcoming 25th anniversary slated in February 2021. They even gave their fans a peek at their 25th Anniversary logo at the recently held 2020 Thanksgiving Macy's Day Parade.

A giant Pickachu mascot balloon wowed the audience during the Thanksgiving parade. There was also a host of dancing Pikachus that accompanied the humongous balloon. During the street show, they revealed the logo for Pokemon's 25th Anniversary.

There is also another reason why fans are excited about the 25th-anniversary celebration. According to news, the Pokemon company is teaming up with the Wand Company to make a replica of the Poke Ball. The replica will cost $99.99 and is available for pre-order today!

Image Source: Pokeball | The Wand Company

The question now is, what should we expect from this Poke Ball replica?

According to the Wand Company, which is known for creating premium prop replicas, the die-cast Poke Ball is made for display only. As this is not a toy, they warned that throwing the Poke Ball may damage it or cause injuries. However, it is a fun display because it lights up when it senses motion, and pressing the button will cause the light to change or start a Pokemon light sequence. 

Image Source: Pokeball | The Wand Company

The die-cast Poke Ball also comes with a special high-end presentation case (which, according to the makers, is authenticated by a "uniquely-numbered hologram") and a stainless steel ring so collectors can display their priced Poke Ball however they want to. The display box also lights up automatically when opened, giving it a magical appearance.

Ideal for collectors, this is limited-edition anniversary merchandise that fans all over the world will love!

Thursday 22 October 2020

20th Anniversary Promo Ideas: What are My Options?

Twenty years is such a great accomplishment. Mark this wonderful event with a bang! And to make sure that the company will forever remember this day, we suggest commemorating the anniversary with useful and unique corporate gifts.

For your anniversary gifts, there are a few considerations:

  • Will this be of use to my recipients?
  • Are gifts durable and high-quality?
  • Will they leave a positive impression on my clients and employees?
Commemorative coins and badges are among the most popular gifts to offer during anniversaries. While they are great ideas, you would also want something that is not only symbolic but also useful for your clients, employees, and business partners. 

While commemorative coins are definitely invaluable and have that sense of "exclusivity", it is also great to offer practical branded corporate gifts from time to time. Practical gifts are always welcomed and since they are being used daily, they create trust and a stronger connection with the company.

So here are some of our recommendations for your 20th-anniversary celebrations:


  • Wine Set
Nothing defines "luxury" better than custom wine sets. Gift sets may consist of wine stoppers, corkscrew, and pourer. Business partners and stockholders will surely be impressed with this gift! We suggest making a custom-designed packaging for the wine tools- one that reflects professionalism and class.

Wine Gift Set

  • Cheese Knife and Cutting Board
For your wine and cheese-loving employees, offer a set of cheese knife and cutting board. It spells "luxury" so why not? Employees and clients will surely appreciate the thought since the products can be used for special occasions or even during a weekend-movie marathon with family and friends.

Cheese Knives and Cutting Board

More and more people are realizing the importance of keeping their bodies fit and healthy, especially during this pandemic. "Health is wealth," the trite adage goes. So, offering this high-end product as an anniversary promo gift allows you to convey that message to your recipients. Listen to podcasts or set the mood of the day by listening to some feel-good music while working out at the gym or jogging at the park.

T-Shirt with Built-In Earphones

Bluetooth speakers are among the most-wanted gift during Christmas and special occasions. Being Bluetooth enabled, makes playing audio content easier. You can get your brand printed on the body or attach a branded lanyard to it- the possibilities are endless! As they are compact, people can carry them in their bags with ease or display it on their office table. With such a useful item, people will always remember your company.

Bluetooth Speakers

  • Wine Aerator
Wine enthusiasts say that you should let the wine "breathe" before drinking it. This is called wine aeration, wherein wine is exposed to air to improve its taste. A wine aerator makes the process easier. 

Wine Aerator

Classy and high-end, it is ideal for corporate parties, year-end celebrations, and contest giveaways. It can be made in any shiny finish: gold, silver, and copper. 

  • Multifunctional Notebook
Your employees and clients will surely be impressed with this innovative idea: a multifunctional notebook that not only allows you to jot down ideas, but also lets you charge your device, keep sticky notes, cards, and cables in one convenient place.

  • Gift Certificates / Vouchers
Gift certificates are always a great gift idea to offer your company employees. People love receiving gift certificates because they can buy what they need and want at the moment. This way, you can be sure that they will love and enjoy whatever they get for themselves. As thanks for their hard work, you can give them food vouchers or shopping and grocery certificates. 

Many people have started working from home since the onset of the pandemic. However, working from home is not as comfortable as it sounds as there are so many distractions that come with it. It can be as stressful as working at an office if not more. So, give your employees the gift of relaxation with a Spa or Salon gift certificate! Let your employees feel how much you value their contribution to the company in your 20th year of being in the business with this simple gift idea.

  • Ear Buds
Since many people own smartphones nowadays, wireless earphones have also become a necessity. Here is an accessory that people will use hand in hand with their smartphones. Compact yet customizable, the casing can be designed according to your brand requirements.

  • Pen with Crystal and Holder
Classy and high-end, this crystal pen with a holder is a fine anniversary promo idea. You can either offer them as a customer appreciation gift or as appreciation gifts for employees and clients in celebration of your 20th anniversary. It also comes in a beautiful casing, so it looks presentable and gift-ready.

  • Multifunctional Organizer
For your work-from-home employees, this bamboo wireless charging desktop organizer would be a perfect anniversary promo gift. This will help them keep their home office organized and efficient. Made from bamboo, it looks sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. It has a built-in charging system so users can recharge their batteries whenever they need.

So, if you are looking for ideas for your next anniversary celebrations, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We are here to help you come up with effective marketing strategies and products to make your anniversary celebrations more fun and memorable!

Monday 28 September 2020

How to Celebrate Company Anniversary During Covid 19

So you are celebrating your company anniversary? That's great! However, given the real and present danger of COVID-19, how can you commemorate such an important milestone?

Here are simple ways to celebrate your company anniversaries amid the pandemic:

How to Celebrate Company Anniversary During Covid 19

Tap Social Media

Launch a Facebook live event to engage more followers. Tap influencers and brand ambassadors to be your guests or launch a podcast and reward anyone who tunes in to your live event. Rewards can come in the form of vouchers, promotional mailers, and redemption gifts.

Offer Redemption Gifts

Branded redemption gifts are a surefire way to lure customers in and celebrate with you. For instance, customers will get a free household item, a cosmetic product, or a cool tech product when they earned certain value points. Set a specific date as to when they can redeem their points for a branded reward.

Use a marketing mix! Advertise through posters, social media, magazines, and interactive POS displays. This way customers are reminded of your upcoming anniversary. Through a mix of marketing media, they will receive up-to-the-minute information about the upcoming event.

Offer Limited Edition Merchandise

Get your customers and clients hooked with limited-edition merchandise. Because they are rare and offered for a specific period of time, they are usually deemed of high value.

Figurines, custom power banks, branded Bluetooth speakers, and even t-shirts are a great anniversary gift ideas. Being a limited edition, they create a sense of urgency and exclusivity among consumers. The perceived value of the products increases as well.

Branded Corporate Gifts

This is a very stressful time. Employees are anxious when the pandemic would end or if they would still be able to keep their jobs. Celebrating your company anniversaries can ease their anxieties and make them feel they are still part of the company. This will surely boost their morale and motivate them to work harder.

Offer Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a smart anniversary promo idea since employees are given a chance to choose what gifts they want for themselves. This way, you can be sure that your employees will enjoy the incentive they have received. 

So, with the ideas stated above, how would you celebrate your company anniversary? Do you have ideas you want to share with us? Leave us a comment in the comment section. If you are after more cool anniversary promo ideas, be sure to check our favorite blogs below:

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Friday 14 August 2020

Starbucks 20th Anniversary Promo

Starbucks Hong Kong is celebrating its 20th-anniversary in style! The famous coffee franchise unveiled exclusive cafe merchandise. They released a limited-edition flask, tumbler, mug, and its new loyalty card design.

Starbucks is always on point when it comes to their anniversary promos and special events held in the countries they have branches in. This is what sets Starbucks apart. They understand the trend and who their customers are. Below, we explain why their anniversary promo is a huge hit!

The Tumblers

The merchandise collection comes in a royal blue and white hue with gold accents. The custom branded tumblers are made from stainless steel so they are really durable. But why is this a good marketing idea?

Tumblers make great anniversary gifts because they ensure prolonged exposure and continued brand engagement. The more the gift is used, the longer the brand message stays with the target market.

Mugs are a common business giveaway. As an anniversary promo gift, it is cost-effective and very easy to customize. We love the combination of royal blue, white, and gold in this promotional gift. It also comes in a special box packaging. 

Promotional toys are always a great way to add fun to any promotions. They have this universal appeal that captures everyone's heart. Here, Starbucks is also offering a limited-edition mini Lego shop. this partnership is not only beneficial to one brand because both companies enjoyed the support that comes from each of their respective markets.


  • Positive Brand Association: Starbucks will surely leave a positive feeling through exclusive branded promotional merchandise. They are limited-edition so customers will feel as if they scored a great deal. When customers are happy and satisfied with their purchases, they will come back for more.

  • Brand Impression: The toys can be displayed at home or at work, thereby ensuring engagement and exposure. In a study conducted by ASI Central on overall ownership of promo items, drinkware ranks second as the most popular promo item. 

  • Collectible: Many people love collecting souvenirs from their favorite brands. Since Sarbucks' retail merchandise is offered for a limited time only, collectors are motivated to make the purchase before they run out of time. Moreover, offering anniversary merchandise gives customers something to look forward to the next anniversary celebration.

  • Custom Design: The custom designs of the tumblers and mugs definitely set Starbuck apart from the competition. Tumblers and mugs are a great place to print your logo on. They can be made in different shapes and designs so there is appropriate drinkware for every kind of customer.

Indeed, offering exclusive promotional products are a great way to celebrate your anniversary in style. If you want to see more great anniversary promo ideas, be sure to check out our blogs.

Thursday 2 July 2020

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Business

Company anniversaries are a great way to mark important milestones of your business. Whether you are in the industry for more than a decade or just starting out, any anniversary is worth celebrating. And anniversary promo gifts should always be on your priority list.

For your tenth anniversary, make sure to highlight the number "10" in your gifts, displays, and social media campaign. The goal is to increase your exposure and inspire other companies. Ten years is a remarkable achievement. As such, you may go all out with your gifts. If you have a limited budget, go for less expensive, yet still creative and memorable products.

Why Offer Anniversary Promo Gifts?

An anniversary can be a good opportunity to introduce a new product, brand campaign, and strengthen bonds between business and stakeholders. Tokens of appreciation or anniversary gifts are important to mark these important events.

What are the Usual Anniversary Promo Gifts

  • Commemorative Coins
Commemorative coins are probably the most popular gifts being given away during anniversary celebrations. Often, it is large companies or an established organization that gives away commemorative coins. One of our recent examples is the Isle of Man 50 P. 

  • Promotional Mugs
Celebrating your 5th year in business? Why not use promotional mugs? Like T-shirts, they are certainly easy to manufacture and custom design. Plain ones with just the logo are preferred especially at corporate anniversaries, while you can be playful with shapes and colors if you are a brand that markets to kids.

  • Pins and Badges
Wearable items such as ins and badges are a great way to celebrate company anniversaries. It can be made from different materials but they are usually made from either soft or hard enamel. Pins can be used as fashion ornaments or limited-edition memorabilia. 

  • Pens
Pens are easily the best anniversary gift ideas for many companies. Offer high-end pens that customers, clients, and employees will be glad to have. 

Power banks are really popular nowadays. Not only are they useful for when you need to recharge your devices, but they also make a great gift for company anniversaries. They can be given as a part of a swag bag or a token of appreciation for those who participated in your anniversary campaigns. There is a large space to imprint your brand message. For example, you can get "10th Anniversary" printed on the front and back of the power bank.

Are you celebrating your anniversary soon? If you need creative advice on designing your anniversary promo gift, please contact our team.

Tuesday 31 March 2020

Check Out this Extremely Rare Isle of Man ICC Cricket World Cup Commemorative Coin!

Commemorative coins are a simple way to mark big events and celebrate important milestones. They last long and add value to your business or organization. One good example is this official commemorative coin from ICC Cricket World Cup.

Here's the official Isle of Man ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 50p to commemorate the prestigious event being hosted in England and Whales. But what makes this a valuable anniversary promo gift?

To give you an idea what sets this commemorative coin apart, we listed its unique features below:

  • The 50 pence commemorative coin features the ICC Word Cup 2019 logo.
  • It comes in a  bespoke packaging
  • The coin is struck in Brilliant Uncirculated Quality, which means it has ever been circulated so the original mint luster is retained.

  • ICC Approved and is a limited-edition item.
  • There are 5 different designs available namely: Official ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Logo; Cover Drive; Slip Catch; Delivery Stride, and Stumping
  • Diameter: 27.3mm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Metal: Sterling Silver

What is the ICC World Cup?

For those not in the know, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is the governing body for cricket. According to their official website, the organization "governs and administrates the game and works with our members to grow the sport." They are also also "responsible for the staging of all ICC Events."

They promote Cricket by organizing international tournaments. The ICC World Cup is held every 4 years and the last tournament was held in England. The next competition will be held in 2023 in India.

But Why Is this Commemorative Coin Valuable?

With so many people collecting rare coin pieces, the rare Isle of Man ICC Commemorative Coin will be a hot item for collectors. Since commemorative coins are minted only once and are available for only a limited time, their value increases over time. The price is generally dependent on how many coins were minted. Mintage for British Isles territories are smaller in number compared to UK figures due to the much smaller number of population. For the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, 50ps have an initial mintage of 12,500 coins per design.

Why You Should Offer Commemorative Coins?

- To commemorate or celebrate special events
- To show appreciation towards customers
- To make a good impression on the target market
- To improve brand impression

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Tuesday 21 August 2018

Anniversary Promo Idea: Cupcake Giveaway By HKIA

Hong Kong International Airport has inspired us with their anniversary promo idea when they celebrated their 20th anniversary this July 2018. Anniversary events are useful strategy that companies do to promote themselves and commemorate their achievements in the past years. 

Anniversary Promo Idea: Cupcake Giveaway By HKIA

HKIA's Anniversary Promo Idea: Why is it good?

  • Promo giveaways are great for establishing relationships with customers. This is because it gives them a good impression of the airport which improves the brand image. It may also potentially lead to customer loyalty due to this. 

    Anniversary Promo Idea: Cupcake Giveaway By HKIA
  • HKIA gives away cupcakes to tired and hungry travellers and giving them a better experience during their stay at the airport. This makes the travellers remember the brand more because of this and will make them want to utilise HKIA more. 

  • Because of its cute cupcake design, people will want to take photo of it and post it on their social media. This allows the HKIA to get more exposure and positive word of mouth. The airport can take advantage of this and gain brand ambassadors for them without having to pay anything. This can also make them gain more customers because of the good reviews made by other travellers.

  • This anniversary promo adds convenience to the travellers because of the HKIA staff. This means that they are also able to get help from them and they can signpost the travellers to where they need to go. Alternatively, many other options for company anniversary promos are available which offers great result that fits around your marketing budget.

More Anniversary Promo Ideas

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Whatever you choose for your next Anniversary event, ODM can help brainstorm with what might work for you. Our in-house design team, Mindsparkz, can create distinctive design for you. Our team of merchandisers combine low cost sourcing with excellent manufacturing solutions.

Pokemon Gears Up for its 25th Anniversary Celebration

 Pokemon Gears Up for 25th Anniversary Celebration Gotta catch 'em all! The Pokemon Company is gearing up for its upcoming 25th annivers...