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Anniversary Promo Idea: Cupcake Giveaway By HKIA

Hong Kong International Airport has inspired us with their anniversary promo idea when they celebrated their 20th anniversary this July 2018. Anniversary events are useful strategy that companies do to promote themselves and commemorate their achievements in the past years. 

Anniversary Promo Idea: Cupcake Giveaway By HKIA

HKIA's Anniversary Promo Idea: Why is it good?

  • Promo giveaways are great for establishing relationships with customers. This is because it gives them a good impression of the airport which improves the brand image. It may also potentially lead to customer loyalty due to this. 

    Anniversary Promo Idea: Cupcake Giveaway By HKIA
  • HKIA gives away cupcakes to tired and hungry travellers and giving them a better experience during their stay at the airport. This makes the travellers remember the brand more because of this and will make them want to utilise HKIA more. 

  • Because of its cute cupcake design, people will want to take photo of it and post it on their social media. This allows the HKIA to get more exposure and positive word of mouth. The airport can take advantage of this and gain brand ambassadors for them without having to pay anything. This can also make them gain more customers because of the good reviews made by other travellers.

  • This anniversary promo adds convenience to the travellers because of the HKIA staff. This means that they are also able to get help from them and they can signpost the travellers to where they need to go. Alternatively, many other options for company anniversary promos are available which offers great result that fits around your marketing budget.

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Whatever you choose for your next Anniversary event, ODM can help brainstorm with what might work for you. Our in-house design team, Mindsparkz, can create distinctive design for you. Our team of merchandisers combine low cost sourcing with excellent manufacturing solutions.

Promote Your Brand With a Custom Anniversary Coin with Elegant Box

Company anniversaries are special events that you should commemorate. It's the perfect time to celebrate your success, show appreciation for your employees, and thank your loyal customers. Moreover, it's the perfect time to make people recognize your business. If you're looking for a good anniversary gift idea, then consider giving away custom anniversary coin with branded boxes to your supporters.
Promote Your Brand With a Custom Anniversary Coin with Elegant Box
Whether you're a new or an established company, using these commemorative coins can have positive impact on your marketing and promotional effort.

Promote Your Brand With a Custom Anniversary Coin with Elegant Box

Here are the benefits of using custom anniversary coins with gift box packaging:

  • Raise Brand Awareness: As you can see from the photos, Dubai Duty-Free Warr 2015, and Baron 1898 are engraved on the surface. One can easily tell what event is being promoted. Therefore, promotional coins can help in raising awareness about your company. 
  • Adds Value: The coins are made from sturdy metal zinc alloy. The designs can vary depending on your preference, but they usually come in silver, golden, or copper finish. The simple and classy design and attractive packaging lend credibility and professionalism to your brand.
  • Boost Relationship With Customers and Employees: People want to feel they belong. By giving special anniversary coins to your supporters and employees, you are making them feel they are part of your journey. It's a classy way of thanking them for being part of your success, thus reinforcing your relationship with customers, employees, and clients.
Promote Your Brand With a Custom Anniversary Coin with Elegant Box

Your anniversary coin should be gift-ready to make it even more appealing. Branded packaging box gives an elegant, rich feel, and with it your brand looks expensive and classy. We suggest  embossing/debossing your logo or brand name to top off your unique marketing gifts. It is also important to work with a gift box factory  to ensure the quality of your gift boxes.

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Exclusive Christmas Ornaments for Balsam Hill 10th Anniversary

Although Christmas will not come until after a couple of weeks, the vibrant feeling that it evokes to many people may be prevalent each day in the office of Balsam Hill, a manufacturing company based in Redwood City that produces the finest quality of Christmas trees and other holiday decorations. For years, a lot of consumers have been availing their products, and as they hit the 10-year mark they are giving some exclusive ornaments away for free.

Rewards of Making Special Promotional Merchandise
  • Lovelier Returns. The clients who will be in luck to receive the giveaways may feel extra liking towards the Balsam Hill, and so this can be their go-to brand for festive designs. It will obviously mean that the company will gain greater sales due to the freebies.
  • Boost in Brand Awareness. During the holidays, family members from overseas may visit and see the beautiful ornaments that the consumers have gotten from Balsam Hill. Aside from admiring them, they may also purchase a few pieces when they return to different countries. Hence, their own friends there will notice these decors as well and continue to be known to more customers.

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OPI 35th Anniversary Giveaways – Free Statement Tops

When you converse about self-grooming in front of a woman, lengthy dialogues regarding manicure and pedicure and the best places to get them can only be a couple of minutes behind. But even if nail salons come ago around the glove, OPI has stayed put to provide the highest quality of nail polishes to all of its valued customers. And now that they are commemorating their 35th anniversary, the company wants to demonstrate that that’s not everything they can offer, that they can generate free statement tops too.

Compensations of Creating Fashionable Giveaways
  • Charms the Millennials. One look at the promotional gift, and you already see that a conservative 40-year-old lady will never wear it. Yet, this makes the intention of OPI to attract the younger consumers more visible, as they have a higher likelihood of putting on tank tops with chic statements printed on them.
  • Toughens Income. OPI has gone online to advertise their anniversary giveaways. This is indeed a wickedly awesome move because their supposed target people are virtually present almost 24/7. Thus, it can even mean greater sales for the company.

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40th Anniversary Promotional Gifts from CARHA Hockey

In lieu of joining the Throwback Thursday online phenomenon, the anniversary products that we will be featuring this week are from CARHA Hockey, a non-profit organization based in Canada that mainly provides support to the older folks who play the sport for recreational purposes. This was founded by John Gouett in 1974 and primarily held the name “Canadian Oldtimers’ Hockey Association”. With funding of less than 5,000 dollars, he began doing promotions for their first tournament.

The group grew bigger and took the form of Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association – the title it is known for today. 40 years later, they are still going strong and have produced promotional merchandise to commemorate this milestone.

How Can Freebies Be Excellent for the Organization?
  1. It increases people’s mindfulness. CARHA gives a great chance for the adults to enhance their talent in playing hockey. Even if the association has a lot of members already, there may be more individuals who like the sport but have not heard of the group. Seeing someone with the free cap or the customized slippers on can therefore make it extra detectable.
  2. More sponsors can find it. They do accept sponsorship for the tournaments they annually hold, and it will mean so much for CARHA to be able to do more for its affiliates. Sponsors can be accessible once they notice these products.

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Mohegan Sun’s 20th Anniversary Backpack

If you have ever gone to Connecticut, you surely have heard or even visit a famous casino and hotel called the Mohegan Sun. This 34-story establishment was built by a Native American tribe in 1996 and has since been known for having facilities that can accommodate people of various ages. For their 20th anniversary, its administrators have invited a lot of artists for live performances and prepared special freebies such as this branded backpack.

Compensations from Useful Marketing Merchandise
  • Better Brand Reachability. Since this is a hotel, chances are, the sales will come mostly from the tourists and not from the folks who live nearby. The guests who are going to receive the promotional gift will go back to their own state or country after a few days and ideally use it in their future outings. Thus, the word about the Mohegan Sun will reach thousands of miles.
  • More People Will Love To Visit. The good consequence of what’s been mentioned above is that more people will be interested to pay the hotel a visit. This is how they can garner extra sales, and the cost of making the each backpack will almost become negligible in the end.

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20th Anniversary Box Set GWP for Bad Boy Entertainment

Bad Boy Entertainment is having a blast this year, as they commemorate the 20th anniversary of its foundation in 1993. The record label is a brilliant creation of Sean John Combs - or P. Diddy in the hip hop world – who is one of the richest Hollywood stars even to this day. As a way of thanking their fans, they are providing free box sets to the people who will obtain the rapper’s fragrance collection.

Sleek Advantages of the Giveaway
  • Great Company Remembrance. The Bad Boy Entertainment logo engulfs the whole front cover of the promotional box set. There are five CDs in every pack that will most definitely transport the people to those times when online stores still have not been developed. This is one of the best things to remember a company by.
  • Higher Brand Worth. The black-and-white design can make the consumers feel once more the vibe of the 90s when hip hop and P. Diddy’s music career have started to flourish. The new generation as well that may not know of the excellent rap songs back then can listen to them now. Thus, Bad Boy Entertainment’s significance will be much higher due to this.

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