Tuesday 22 November 2016

OPI 35th Anniversary Giveaways – Free Statement Tops

When you converse about self-grooming in front of a woman, lengthy dialogues regarding manicure and pedicure and the best places to get them can only be a couple of minutes behind. But even if nail salons come ago around the glove, OPI has stayed put to provide the highest quality of nail polishes to all of its valued customers. And now that they are commemorating their 35th anniversary, the company wants to demonstrate that that’s not everything they can offer, that they can generate free statement tops too.

Compensations of Creating Fashionable Giveaways
  • Charms the Millennials. One look at the promotional gift, and you already see that a conservative 40-year-old lady will never wear it. Yet, this makes the intention of OPI to attract the younger consumers more visible, as they have a higher likelihood of putting on tank tops with chic statements printed on them.
  • Toughens Income. OPI has gone online to advertise their anniversary giveaways. This is indeed a wickedly awesome move because their supposed target people are virtually present almost 24/7. Thus, it can even mean greater sales for the company.

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Wednesday 9 November 2016

40th Anniversary Promotional Gifts from CARHA Hockey

In lieu of joining the Throwback Thursday online phenomenon, the anniversary products that we will be featuring this week are from CARHA Hockey, a non-profit organization based in Canada that mainly provides support to the older folks who play the sport for recreational purposes. This was founded by John Gouett in 1974 and primarily held the name “Canadian Oldtimers’ Hockey Association”. With funding of less than 5,000 dollars, he began doing promotions for their first tournament.

The group grew bigger and took the form of Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association – the title it is known for today. 40 years later, they are still going strong and have produced promotional merchandise to commemorate this milestone.

How Can Freebies Be Excellent for the Organization?
  1. It increases people’s mindfulness. CARHA gives a great chance for the adults to enhance their talent in playing hockey. Even if the association has a lot of members already, there may be more individuals who like the sport but have not heard of the group. Seeing someone with the free cap or the customized slippers on can therefore make it extra detectable.
  2. More sponsors can find it. They do accept sponsorship for the tournaments they annually hold, and it will mean so much for CARHA to be able to do more for its affiliates. Sponsors can be accessible once they notice these products.

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