Monday 28 September 2015

Team Canada Celebrates their 43rd Anniversary with Special '72 Promotions

The national ice hockey team, Team Canada is now celebrating their 43rd anniversary of '72 Team Canada, with several of special promotions. The national team is putting multiple Team Canada '72 products on sale. The promotions will run from September 28th 2015 and contains a jersey and DVD Combo.

Team Canada Celebrates their 43rd Anniversary with Special '72 Promotions 

The Canada jerseys are from the national ice hockey team of 1972 and are therefore limited edition items. One of the jerseys is signed by the famous player Paul Henderson and would add to the perceived collectible high  value to Team Canada fans.

Benefits from Limited Edition Items

Limited edition items have as high collectible value as mentioned. Everybody wants to secure an item before it's sold out. Sports merchandise is therefore perfect for limited editions as fans want to show their support to the team.

Limited edition items also make people purchase by impulse, as they see something unique and different. It is easy to increase brand awareness when offering anniversary gifts like this because customers will help by spreading the advertising proposal by "word of mouth". This will boost sales both in the long run as well as in the short run.

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Mobil 1 announced a Giveaway to Celebrate its 40th Anniversary

The world's leading synthetic motor oil brand Mobil 1 celebrates its 40th Anniversary. The brand announced a major hat giveaway. There are 500 giveaways in total, which are special edition Mobil 1 branded hats. In order to get a chance to win a giveaway, customers need to take the quiz which consists of 5 different questions about synthetic motor oil and provide their contact details. The Anniversary campaign is going to be valid for a whole month of September in the US.

This campaign is great to remind customers that Mobil 1 is not only the leader in the synthetic motor oil industry, but also has enormous experience of working in the respective market. Giveaway can provide an additional awareness for the brand and media coverage. Even quiz as a part of the campaign is also helpful, it can show the brand if the customers are aware of all the benefits the product can offer and it also show the overall brand knowledge. 

Customers voluntarily provide their personal details to the company such as e-mail / age / name / ZIP code etc. This gives room to a permission marketing and allows to tailor the future promotions according to sex / location or/and age of the receiver. All the information is extremely useful for the future marketing campaigns.

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Monday 21 September 2015

Free Gift With Purchase - The Choosy Chick Anniversary Promotion

The health and beauty care company, The Choosy Chick is now in celebration of their company anniversary and offers a free limited edition goodie bag with a $75 purchase. This promotion runs through whole September 2015 and is a great chance for customers to receive a limited edition branded bag, which no other people have. 

Offering a product, which is a limited edition is surely a great way to create more attention to your brand or specific product. People really want to receive special product which other people do not have.

Why offer a Free Gift With Purchase? 

Promotions where branded products and merchandise are included is valuable to most companies when raising sales. It makes customers feel more valuable and appreciated by the company. Afterwards people therefore do tend to make a re-purchase of your product because they felt appreciated.

A free gift with purchase also makes people buy impulse. The extra little promotional product that you add will create more value to your sales campaign and would therefore make people to buy, because people do like to receive free gifts.

Thursday 17 September 2015

Lingerie Brand Warcoal Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with Giveaways

American lingerie brand Warcoal celebrates its 30th Anniversary with free giveaways. The brand announced “30 Years of Beauty Giveaway”, every week there will be 30 giveaways of "bra of the month" with approximate value of $48. There is no need to purchase as customers only need to get registered on the website. This is all that is required to participate in the giveaway. The promotion is meant for US, Canada and Puerto Rico markets.

According to the promotion rules, the right "monthly bra" for a giveaway was chosen by senior fashion editor of Marie Claire magazine, who also happened to be the ambassador of the brand. Which is beneficial in providing additional media coverage to reach the target group.
Lingerie Brand Warcoal Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with Giveaways

Giveaways provide a great opportunity to celebrate your business anniversary while simultaneously increasing brand awareness and stimulate sales. This is an exceptional marketing strategy for companies to increase publicity and achieve considerable media coverage. Anniversary celebration can also serve as an excellent reminder to the customer of brand’s experience in the industry, therefore improving brand knowledge. This is a great example of a company using free gifts to make their business even more successful.

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Wednesday 16 September 2015

Mr Bean 25th Anniversary Giveaway - WhatCulture

WhatCulture are giving away this Mr Bean DVD box set, including a bendable Mr Bean toy. This is a great way to increase sales while utilizing a unique way to market your produce during an Anniversary celebration.

Mr Bean 25th Anniversary Giveaway - WhatCulture
Using a giveaway to celebrate an anniversary like this one is a great use of promotional produce. A gift with purchase like this one adds value to the product itself, by giving something extra to the consumer. This added value is likely to increase sales because the product has more worth than previously, giving an edge over the competition. This example illustrates this perfectly.

The less obvious, but key benefit to this Anniversary Promo 

Customer Retention - With a gift with purchase like this one, given on a significant day such as an anniversary, customers are likely to be even happier with their purchase. Delighted customers often return custom. This increases profitability in the long term.

If you want to learn more about anniversary promotions, and how promotional products can be used as an excellent way to operationalize this time of year; visit the anniversary promo blog!

Tuesday 15 September 2015

1 Year Anniversary Celebration - Free Snapbacks as Giveaways

The UK based fashion company Elysium Threads celebrated their 1 anniversary as a professional retail fashion company by giving 2 of their famous snapback caps away for free. When people where retweeting the company's post on Twitter, where they automatically in the competition about winning a free cap. The lucky winners where drawn 5th of September 2015.

1 Year Anniversary Celebration - Free Snapbacks as Giveaways 

How can a company benefit from Anniversary Giveaways? 

Companies can benefit from giveaways in many ways. When a company has its anniversary it is a great time to offer giveaways, as people love to receive free gifts. It helps to increase awareness of your company's anniversary campaign and will have greater chances to become a unique customized giveaway compared with non-anniversary giveaways. 
A cap is a great promotional product to brand with your company logo/name on. It is an item that people wear in public and therefore does it helps to increase your company's brand awareness meanwhile sales is raising.

Below is listed some benefits when using giveaways as a part of your marketing strategy:   
  • Increased brand awareness 
  • Higher customer loyalty 
  • Boosted sales 
  • Impulse purchasing 
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Tuesday 8 September 2015 Celebrates its 4th Anniversary with Free Gifts with Purchase celebrates its 4 Anniversary with free gifts with purchase. When buying over 1000 in, 5000 in and 10000 in, customers will be able to choose the gift they want from 3 different options. The company offers different types of high tech gifts – headsets, USBs, hard drives, USB hubs, webcams, digital photo frames and even Apple iPod Shuffle. Celebrates its 4 Anniversary with Free Gifts with Purchase
Free gift with purchase is one of the oldest promotions going yet it is still extremely effective. It is powerful enough to stimulate customers to buy in order to get the free product that they are truly interested in. displays all the gifts customers can get, thus subsequently pushing them to spend more to get a better gift.

This promotional strategy has numerous benefits – raised brand awareness and brand preference, increased customer loyalty are just the beginning of all the advantages. What’s more is that it helps to develop relationships with the customers, which is crucial for a modern-day business.

Customers will have a higher perceived value of such giveaways considering that those are high tech gifts. Therefore they will feel appreciated and thankful towards the brand. Eventually it will generate the repeat online shop visits and purchases, influencing future profits positively.

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Anniversary Coffee Mugs as Free Gift with Purchase

The Japanese department store Tokyu Hands is now celebrating their 1st anniversary at Jurong East Store in Singapore. The store is therefore offering a free coffee mug with purchases above S$30. The offer runs from 4th September and until stock last.

Anniversary Coffee Mugs as Free Gift with Purchase 
A coffee mug is a great promotional product to offer as an anniversary gift. It has plenty of space to brand your company name/logo on. It is also great if companies want to advertise a special message during their anniversary campaign. Promotions like this are excellent if you are trying to raise sales though a celebration.
Anniversary Coffee Mugs as Free Gift with Purchase 
Above we see old successful promotions from Tokyu hands in collaboration with Hello Kitty. Such kind of promotions is adding extra value to the products, which means that every purchase in the department store is more valuable to every single customer. This helps companies like Tokyu Hands to increase there overall brand awareness and thus boost sales in the long run. 

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Monday 7 September 2015

Anniversary Giveaway: Box of Goods To Increase Social Media Presence

Michael Jackson, a name everybody knows. The anniversary of 'Bad' is here and Legacy Recordings are utilizing this as a marketing opportunity, smart move! They have created this advertising opportunity through social media, all that's needed is a re-tweet for a chance to win in this anniversary giveaway.

Anniversary Giveaway: Box of Goods To Increase Social Media Presence
The contents of the box include promotional products alongside the CD itself, such as branded t-shirts and a custom poster. This great use of an anniversary promotion has been a successful twitter storm, surely increasing Legacy recordings social media presence. But the benefits of using a promo in this way span further.

Anniversary Giveaway: Box of Goods To Increase Social Media Presence

What are the benefits of using an Anniversary Promotion like this? 

  • Its an affordable way to outsource produce from your company, cheaper and more effective, as you have more variety available as seen in this box of goodies
  • Brand Awareness is expanded upon using social media to spread knowledge of your brand, as done here. What better time to spread your brand than an anniversary?
  • Customer Retention is achieved. This is because your brand is perceived as generous with giveaways like this, increasing the positive outlook towards your business
  • Increased Sales. All of these benefits trickle down to ultimately increase sales and ultimately profit. 

Thursday 3 September 2015

Karaoke celebrates Anniversary with a Gift with Purchase

Red Box andGreen Box Karaoke are having anniversary, therefore they announced Special Anniversary Promotion at any Red Box and Green Box Karaoke from 1st August –30th September 2015. All the karaoke members buying 3 head charges will get one more for free. Buy 2 Free 1 Head Charge for Maybank Credit card members can buy 2 head charges and get one extra for free.

There is also a competition with the vast array of prizes - VIVO Smart Phones, Nu Teen Beauty Products & True Fitness 3 Months Free Membership. All the customers purchasing Exclusive Microphone Shape USB (8GB) automatically enter the competition.

Karaoke celebrates Anniversary with a Gift with Purchase

Microphone can serve as brilliant promotional product once branded. It will offer unusual advertising space, thus will attract more attention and will be more memorable for customers. It can be used for higher brand exposure in public spaces like karaoke, KTV, in bars or conferences. It will be beneficial for business that wants to increase brand awareness by high exposure of their logo. And also helpful for KTV or any other business using those microphones to get an additional advertising revenue stream. It is a win win situation. Additionally, it might lead to more positive brand association, people will tend to associate fun they had in KTV with brands they were exposed to.

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Tuesday 1 September 2015

Anniversary Giveaway: Free Bandanna!

"Summer Story" are utilizing the power of giveaways to celebrate their anniversary. They are giving away a free bandanna with any online purchase; this will surely increase there sales online and social media presence through marketing this way.

Anniversary Giveaway: Free Bandanna!
Anniversaries are always a prime opportunity for business to celebrate and market their business effectively. This is precisely what Summer Story are doing. As Summer Story are a clothing company, giving away a Bandanna not only has potential to increase sales , but it also simultaneously expands their product portfolio. An approach like this both adds value to the business and the consumers. 

The benefits of this approach to marketing

  • Social Media Presence - Online presence is essential for any business, but especially for a clothing business like summer story given the increased purchases online. Giving away a bandanna and advertising it on twitter as they have done increases your social media presence. Essential for any business for sure! 
  • Increased sales - All other benefits aforementioned trickle down to increase sales in a business, the logic used here can be applied to many promotional gifts, and this is especially effective during a business' anniversary.
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