Friday 9 December 2016

Exclusive Christmas Ornaments for Balsam Hill 10th Anniversary

Although Christmas will not come until after a couple of weeks, the vibrant feeling that it evokes to many people may be prevalent each day in the office of Balsam Hill, a manufacturing company based in Redwood City that produces the finest quality of Christmas trees and other holiday decorations. For years, a lot of consumers have been availing their products, and as they hit the 10-year mark they are giving some exclusive ornaments away for free.

Rewards of Making Special Promotional Merchandise
  • Lovelier Returns. The clients who will be in luck to receive the giveaways may feel extra liking towards the Balsam Hill, and so this can be their go-to brand for festive designs. It will obviously mean that the company will gain greater sales due to the freebies.
  • Boost in Brand Awareness. During the holidays, family members from overseas may visit and see the beautiful ornaments that the consumers have gotten from Balsam Hill. Aside from admiring them, they may also purchase a few pieces when they return to different countries. Hence, their own friends there will notice these decors as well and continue to be known to more customers.

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Tuesday 22 November 2016

OPI 35th Anniversary Giveaways – Free Statement Tops

When you converse about self-grooming in front of a woman, lengthy dialogues regarding manicure and pedicure and the best places to get them can only be a couple of minutes behind. But even if nail salons come ago around the glove, OPI has stayed put to provide the highest quality of nail polishes to all of its valued customers. And now that they are commemorating their 35th anniversary, the company wants to demonstrate that that’s not everything they can offer, that they can generate free statement tops too.

Compensations of Creating Fashionable Giveaways
  • Charms the Millennials. One look at the promotional gift, and you already see that a conservative 40-year-old lady will never wear it. Yet, this makes the intention of OPI to attract the younger consumers more visible, as they have a higher likelihood of putting on tank tops with chic statements printed on them.
  • Toughens Income. OPI has gone online to advertise their anniversary giveaways. This is indeed a wickedly awesome move because their supposed target people are virtually present almost 24/7. Thus, it can even mean greater sales for the company.

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Wednesday 9 November 2016

40th Anniversary Promotional Gifts from CARHA Hockey

In lieu of joining the Throwback Thursday online phenomenon, the anniversary products that we will be featuring this week are from CARHA Hockey, a non-profit organization based in Canada that mainly provides support to the older folks who play the sport for recreational purposes. This was founded by John Gouett in 1974 and primarily held the name “Canadian Oldtimers’ Hockey Association”. With funding of less than 5,000 dollars, he began doing promotions for their first tournament.

The group grew bigger and took the form of Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association – the title it is known for today. 40 years later, they are still going strong and have produced promotional merchandise to commemorate this milestone.

How Can Freebies Be Excellent for the Organization?
  1. It increases people’s mindfulness. CARHA gives a great chance for the adults to enhance their talent in playing hockey. Even if the association has a lot of members already, there may be more individuals who like the sport but have not heard of the group. Seeing someone with the free cap or the customized slippers on can therefore make it extra detectable.
  2. More sponsors can find it. They do accept sponsorship for the tournaments they annually hold, and it will mean so much for CARHA to be able to do more for its affiliates. Sponsors can be accessible once they notice these products.

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Friday 21 October 2016

Mohegan Sun’s 20th Anniversary Backpack

If you have ever gone to Connecticut, you surely have heard or even visit a famous casino and hotel called the Mohegan Sun. This 34-story establishment was built by a Native American tribe in 1996 and has since been known for having facilities that can accommodate people of various ages. For their 20th anniversary, its administrators have invited a lot of artists for live performances and prepared special freebies such as this branded backpack.

Compensations from Useful Marketing Merchandise
  • Better Brand Reachability. Since this is a hotel, chances are, the sales will come mostly from the tourists and not from the folks who live nearby. The guests who are going to receive the promotional gift will go back to their own state or country after a few days and ideally use it in their future outings. Thus, the word about the Mohegan Sun will reach thousands of miles.
  • More People Will Love To Visit. The good consequence of what’s been mentioned above is that more people will be interested to pay the hotel a visit. This is how they can garner extra sales, and the cost of making the each backpack will almost become negligible in the end.

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Friday 30 September 2016

20th Anniversary Box Set GWP for Bad Boy Entertainment

Bad Boy Entertainment is having a blast this year, as they commemorate the 20th anniversary of its foundation in 1993. The record label is a brilliant creation of Sean John Combs - or P. Diddy in the hip hop world – who is one of the richest Hollywood stars even to this day. As a way of thanking their fans, they are providing free box sets to the people who will obtain the rapper’s fragrance collection.

Sleek Advantages of the Giveaway
  • Great Company Remembrance. The Bad Boy Entertainment logo engulfs the whole front cover of the promotional box set. There are five CDs in every pack that will most definitely transport the people to those times when online stores still have not been developed. This is one of the best things to remember a company by.
  • Higher Brand Worth. The black-and-white design can make the consumers feel once more the vibe of the 90s when hip hop and P. Diddy’s music career have started to flourish. The new generation as well that may not know of the excellent rap songs back then can listen to them now. Thus, Bad Boy Entertainment’s significance will be much higher due to this.

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Monday 26 September 2016

Customized Black Shirt for Mestrelab Research’s 10th Anniversary

Mestrelab Research is the intelligent developer of Mnova, a software that has been created to make chemical analyses more technology-friendly for the old and young scientists in the world. The company has begun as basically a startup – a university science project that has turned into a qualified business. It aids in simulating data for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, which studies the electromagnetic radiation’s concentration at a nuclear level.

You can say that they have succeeded in their changeover, as Mestrelab Research celebrates their 10th anniversary with a customized Mnova shirt.

Twosome Benefits from Free Anniversary Merchandise
  • Boosts People’s Knowledge. Because the shirt where there design has been printed to has excellent cotton fabric, the customers can wear the promo gift in places where casual clothes are allowed. Simply by walking in the mall or a park in which many like to people-watch, their awareness about the Mestrelab Research’s Mnova will increase.
  • Highlights the Brand Website. The customized shirt is a smart advertising strategy too, as it features the company’s site and logo. The words ‘Hey ho, let’s go!’ can be taken as either their way of cheering themselves up or attracting potential consumers to type their domain name in the search engine and see their products.

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Friday 16 September 2016

26th Anniversary Promo Gifts from Brass Horn

The Brass Horn is a local shop in Decatur, Illinois that only serves the male populace with their tailored and high-quality suits. This is one of the few remaining stores in the United States that has not been enticed to modernize their products or create clothing pieces that can be worn by women. Nevertheless, sticking to the basics seems to be working great for the company, because they are now commemorating their 26th year with freebies such as gift cards, promotional shirts, and a branded golf bag.

Candid Points of These Giveaways
  • Customizable Products. The golf bag shown above has been left as is by The Brass Horn, but if you wish to send off a similar item, you can embroider or print your own logo on it. The T-shirt and the gift card can also be personalized with the brand name and/or slogan that your company is known for.
  • Upholding Brand Value. The promo gift card and shirt kind of invite the younger crowd to try their suits, while the golf bag appeals to older men who like to play the sport. These things help the brand uphold their status and visibility.

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Friday 9 September 2016

Gaby et Jules 3rd Anniversary Mug as Gifts with Purchase

You are probably aware of the three-year rule of dating, wherein some couples have agreed that their relationship has been tested a lot on the third year of being together. It can be due to financial or familial issues, one of them has met a more interesting individual, or they have simply fallen out of love. However, this does not apply to the relationship that Gaby et Jules has with their own customers, as they are now celebrating their third anniversary with gifts with purchase.

What are the benefits of giving away a cluster of presents?
  1. The consumers will be more stimulated to buy. Knowing that this is not a raffle promo and that they can take home some of the mixed goodies right after paying for their purchases encourage them to buy more stuff, in order to qualify for the promotion. The base amount required is not even 50 dollars, so getting any of these items is great.
  2. More profits will enter the company. The customized mug and sweets are all packed in a red promotional gift box which, for the record, is not made with flimsy material. Thus, it can actually be recycled and used in the future. Because of them, the profits of Gaby et Jules on their anniversary may double or triple.

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Thursday 1 September 2016

75th Anniversary Travel Bag from Reagan National Airport

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, which was then simply called Washington National Airport when it was first constructed in 1941, is an international terminal that services over 20 million airline passengers every year. The airport has gone through several expansions since then, and its administration has decided to give away a very appropriate airport-related freebie for its 75th year: a travel bag.

Promo Gift Perks for the Airport
  • Lengthened Recognition. Should the travelers choose to bring this customized bag in one of their trips instead of the regular ones they own, more possible consumers will be enticed to fly through a practically ancient port next time. This promises higher sales for Ronald Reagan National Airport.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty. The passengers who do use the airport’s facilities now will be extra motivated to continue doing it, because they have realized that the company cares for them and wants to give back, even if it is via a small gift. Again, it may help make the profits rise.

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Wednesday 24 August 2016

Rene Furterer’s Naturia 10th Anniversary – GWP Beauty Bag

Women, to be specific, likes everything clean and in order. Before they leave the house, they make sure that their makeup is not too thick, the shoes make their feet sexy, and the outfit is not overly revealing. However, for someone who has naturally straight hair, the one thing you cannot do is style it right after shampooing, since that’s when it is very soft and limp. Thus, Rene Furterer has come up with the Naturia Dry Shampoo, which can keep your locks tidy even without washing it for several days.

More than that, the product line is commemorating its 10th anniversary with a promo gift beauty bag that you can take anywhere you have to be.

Wonderful Aspects of the GWP
  • Convenient. Because you now have a separate and branded beauty bag for your hair stuff, they do not need to mix with your foundation, lipstick and the likes. When you go out of town, you know which pouch to bring out immediately, instead of emptying one large bag to search for a single item.
  • High-Class. The zipper installed to the promotional merchandise, as well as the fabric used, clearly show if it is high-class or not. Naturia’s 10th anniversary gift with purchase has a thick puller that will not easily break, and the fabric is thick yet breathable, so there won’t be any odor build-up inside the bag.

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Thursday 18 August 2016

50th Anniversary Movie Box Set for Lost in Space

Lost in Space first soared in the mainstream in 1965 and captivated the hearts of many Americans who are fascinated to the life beyond Earth. The story centered on the journey of the Robinsons, a family of scientists, who travel to stars and other planets aboard their own spaceship and with their mechanical friend called Robot.

The TV series ended after three seasons in 1968, but the audiences’ love for Lost in Space has traversed through time. On their 50th anniversary, a movie box set containing the show’s episodes will be sent to their avid fans.

What kind of customization can the brand do?
  1. Design the Actual Box. Lost in Space aired when top-notch marketing materials were yet to be invented. However, this should not stop you from designing the box set in a way that is likeable for the millennials, and memorable for those who have already been alive when the series was still the hot topic.
  2. Include Lots of Knickknacks. You cannot change the plot of the show, but you can add various things in the promotional movie box set. As long as they are related to the TV series, they can be included in the giveaway.

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Friday 12 August 2016

Peanuts 65th Anniversary Celebration Prize Pack Giveaway

Timeless cartoon characters do not end with Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and the whole gang. Other fictional figures that a lot of people have never forgotten about are Snoopy and Charlie Brown. They are the main heroes of Peanuts comics made by Charlie Schulz in 1950. Their fame has gone off the two-dimensional newspaper and even transferred into the TV and movie screens.

Peanuts will be celebrating its 65th anniversary exactly on October 2nd, and GoComics has prepared a prize pack to commemorate it.

Foreseeable Advantages of the Giveaway
  • More Items to Love. Apart from five books, the pack contains an anniversary poster, a coloring sheet, a temporary tattoo and a collectible version of the original comic strip. These are great advertising products to remember Peanuts by, or to introduce them to the newer generation.
  • Bigger Number of Subscribers. A lot of people may subscribe to GoComics now, since they are aware that the website tends to gift some things to their followers regularly. This can increase the ranking and perhaps improve the marketing appeal of thebrand.

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Thursday 28 July 2016

Gift with Purchase Umbrella for Goldilocks’ 50th Celebration

The Goldilocks Bakeshop was opened in the mid-1960s by three sister (or momma bears) who like making Philippine pastries and cakes that many families can get a taste of. The sweetness that the company radiates has gone so far that they have probably hundreds of branches in the Philippines, USA and Canada.

Since Goldilocks promotes sharing, the cake lovers who will buy a 25-dollar worth of items in any of their outlets will receive a free umbrella as a gift with purchase. This is the continuation of their 50th anniversary gift campaign – with a PWP mug previously – that we have featured a couple of weeks back.

How is this a noteworthy promo giveaway?
  • It can withstand different seasons. The marketing product can be utilized during the winter, summer or rainy seasons. The fact that it has strong limbs and can protect you from natural occurrences at all times is very comforting.
  • It won’t go out of style. Although fashion is going to be the least of your worries when rain and snow are pouring hard, or when the sun is too hot, you will not look like you have come from the 20th century because of the promotional merchandise. The umbrella comes in brown and gold colors, which are both earthy tones, so they can will be great with many outfits.

Friday 22 July 2016

Stonewall Kitchen 25th Anniversary Picnic Tote Bags

The creation of Stonewall Kitchen is not like what you would see in new businesses in which the owners have put months or even years in making their business proposal and polishing everything before they launch their products. In the former’s case, the two partners have practically just tried to sell their jams, oils and other homemade goods in local markets in 1991. The growing demand of a lot of consumers for their merchandise has led them to take the next big step of getting a manufacturing and headquarters facility.

This has paid off so well that they are now celebrating Stonewall Kitchen’s 25th anniversary and giving away a free tote bag to each of their customers.

Benefits of Anniversary Bags
  • Useful. This is basically a tote bag for picnic, yet you can use it when you go to the beach, an outdoor concert, or a camping site. It is quite spacious, so you will have a big room for foods and drinks that can be shared by everyone.
  • Pleasant. The promotional product is stylish, in fact. The brand logo is not emblazoned all over the material, that’s why it does not make the bag look cheap. The color block of white and blue seems fantastic as well.

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Thursday 21 July 2016

40th Anniversary Replica Jerseys from Toronto Blue Jays

There are a few reasons why a blue jay, a small white-faced bird, is of great significance to us. Firstly, its hawk call has helped a lot of animals from escaping danger in the wild. Secondly, the mockingjay bird would not have been possible in the famous movie franchise without the blue jay. Thirdly, this is the namesake of the Toronto Blue Jays, a baseball team that popularly plays both in Canada and the United States. Actually, the latter has gained the respect of so many fans that they are now on their 40th anniversary celebration, and with the replica jerseys of Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar given out to 20,000 fans in their previous game series against Detroit Tigers.

Branded Goodness from Replica Jerseys
  • Brings Back Memories. The promo gift, aside from giving something cool to the team’s fans, is intended to pay homage to a couple of baseball players who have provided glory and victory to the Toronto Blue Jays during their time. Thus, their old supporters will remember those games when these two were still at the height of their careers.
  • Shows What the Team is Made Of. The customized jerseys also show the kind of players that have come from the team. Their wins are the team’s wins too, and they do not want people to forget that.

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Wednesday 13 July 2016

PWP Mug on Goldilocks’ 50th Anniversary

Cakes and pastries are best paired with your favorite hot chocolate or coffee. The enchanting aroma of these beverages complement the sweet taste of the desserts.

In the Philippines, one of the top makers of delicious cakes and breads is Goldilocks. The delicate pastries they have created are all part of their 50-year success. To commemorate this milestone – their golden anniversary – they are giving out premium mugs at a discounted price for any dedication cake you get.

Purchase with Purchase Perks
  • Customized for Consumers’ Needs. Stirring and keeping the heat of the drink will not be difficult, since the mug comes with a spoon and a lid. This particular mug is taller and slightly narrower than the typical ones, that’s why your regular spoon may not be able to stir it properly, and the teaspoon will be too short to reach the bottom without your finger dipping in the hot beverage. The add-ons are customized just for the consumers’ needs.
  • Excellent Product On Sale. How big companies market a product is that they show the normal and the discounted rates at the same time. Because of it, the potential customers will see how much they can save if they get the item as a purchase with purchase. Not to mention, it is made from excellent ceramic that won’t chip easily, so it really is a great find.
  • Celebratory Design. The logo printed on the mug is a more festive version of Goldilocks’ original logo. It is cute and shows what the brand is celebrating. This can more people to have a hand in the anniversary by at least making a purchase. Thus, the sales will increase significantly.

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Friday 8 July 2016

Kung Fu Panda 3 Keychains for Yogurtland’s 10th Anniversary

Yogurts are healthier than ice creams. They can also be used in making breakfast meals and other desserts. This is most likely the reason why a lot of companies focused on bringing high-quality yogurt to more people are continuously thriving instead of flopping. One brand that can be categorized with the former – the ones that have achieved success in the business – is Yogurtland. For their 10-year celebration, they provided free keychains designed like the main characters from Kung Fu Panda 3.

Movie Merchandise’s Advantageous Points
  • Brand awareness is not an issue. Every anime-loving individual on the planet knows Master Shifu, Po and the Furious Five from the previous installments of Kung Fu Panda. These movies which have been produced by the DreamWorks Animation have gained a lot of recognition. Hence, the promo gift keychains that resemble the said characters were also famous.
  • More sales will visit the store franchises. If one Yogurtland shop welcomes 100 customers in a day, for instance, they can expect that number to triple or quadruple due to their adorable gift with purchase. This is not just for display, as anyone who has keys or zippered bags can use it.

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Thursday 30 June 2016

Free T-Shirts for Mobile Bay Bears' 20th Year

In sports, it is safe to say that the die-hard fans have been a part of the team longer than some or all of the actual athletes who are playing on the field with the group’s logo on their jersey. They make progresses not just because they have great players, but also because the fans always get tickets to the games and support their merchandise. Therefore, it should not surprise you if you are new in the sports world and you get handed a free cap or something on your first live game.

This is not far from the philosophy of the baseball team that is celebrating their 20th anniversary this 2016. The Mobile Bay Bears have prepared T-shirts for their followers in one of their home games to show their love and gratitude to those who have never left them in two decades.

Commendable Rewards from This Anniversary Giveaway
  • Perfect Setting for the Brand Name. A free shirt is a large blank canvas, and anything you print on it will definitely be garnering attention from other individuals. When the recipient runs an errand in this top, more people can see it. Thus, this is the perfect setting for the name of the brand.
  • Possible Additional Followers. The sports fanatics who may have not known anything about the team before will know about it now once the shirts are out. Because they will be obtained by hundreds of supporters, additional followers can be gained by the squad soon enough.

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Wednesday 29 June 2016

Entertainment Earth 20th Anniversary: Movie Merchandise

Entertainment Earth has provided so much joy to superhero and cartoon fans out there by selling the best collectibles. They have started with action figures in mint condition from Star Wars in 1996. That must have been a great decision because look at what they have already accomplished in the past years. Their products are not only a hit to children, but also to adults who are more capable of buying licensed figurines and toys without needing the parents’ permission.

For the company’s 20th birthday, they have given out cartoon and movie merchandise in the form of Pin Mate wooden figures to their greatest fans in this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Not-So-Shocking Benefits from Movie Merchandise

  • Thousands of Fans Want It. Captain America: Civil War of Marvel still makes some people argue about who is better between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, but they have not forgotten The Big Lebowski. This is perhaps the reason why the company has thought of these two movie franchises among the infinite number of films they can choose from. The fans truly, madly and deeply want collectibles centered to them, and so more people will stop by their booth during the event and make purchases.
  • Ultra-High Company Recognition. Because the figurines are not as mundane as a mug, they can really be distinguishable even from a distance. When people commune in such gatherings, it is as if they have known each other for a long time. They speak to one another while waiting on lines, and they give info on where there are a lot of freebies being given away. This increases the company’s individuality.

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Tuesday 28 June 2016

Travel Giveaways for Drake's Cake 120th Anniversary

It must be a different feeling when you celebrate your company’s 1st anniversary and when you commemorate its 120th year in the industry that has provided you with creative space to produce the items you and your consumers believe in. Not a lot of brands will be able to explain the emotions that have succumbed them when they see themselves doing the latter; others foreclose before they even reach 10, 20 or 25 years. But Drake’s Cake can.

Drake’s Cake must be so overwhelmed by it, that’s why their anniversary giveaways comprise of a two-week road trip using a Winnebago rental car, solar lights, free thermos, branded duffel bags and many, many more.

Constructive Ideas About the Freebies
  • Higher Consumer Gratefulness. A lot of consumers are thankful for the sweet treats that Drake’s Cake has provided to them for over a century. The grandparents of their grandparents may actually have gone to this company and savored their products well. The promotional products, however, can bring their gratefulness for the existence of the brand to a higher level.
  • Shows That Their Goodies Are Not Just For Home. In a way, the promo gift pieces exhibit that the company’s products can also be enjoyed in long journeys. Furthermore, it encourages families to go on road trips as well so that they can experience what the grand winner will experience on a Winnebago vehicle.

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Wednesday 15 June 2016

7th Anniversary Free Gear Items by Combat Arms

Combat Arms is a type of video game which the Nexon company has introduced to the gamers in November 2007. It has gained popularity across the globe because it is a multiplayer game that does not require people to be in the same room, city or country to play against each other. This is the ultimate shooting game where players have to kill the others in order to stay on top of the score board.

They are now celebrating their 7th anniversary, and some original gear items can be had by their customers. The selection includes a promotional backpack, a cool bandanna, a branded cap, and an exclusive dog tag.

Giveaway Advantages for Combat Arms
  • Increased Mindfulness about the Game. Even though 7 years have already gone by, this can still be considered new in the market. That is the reason why even if they only produced a free bandanna, as long the consumer wears it all the time when he’s outdoors, more people will be made aware about Combat Arms.
  • Restored Brand Likeability. When the company’s promotional ideas display how much they want to thank the individuals who have been loyal to their products for ages, they no longer need to prepare a lengthy speech, as the free gear items speak for themselves. Such a nice act restores the brand’s likeability.

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Wednesday 8 June 2016

Branded Tote Bag - Friends of The Seattle Public Library 75th Anniversary Giveaway

Reading is therapeutic. Not too many people will agree to that statement, but there’s some truth to it. When you open a book, you learn new things. When you read, you experience an idea through the words of the author. And when you go to a public library, you may meet new people who share the same interests that you have.

This must be the reason why the Friends of The Seattle Public Library is still going strong at 75. What this non-profit organization is all about is that they help raise funds, donate and provide books for libraries that need aid the most. For their silver anniversary, they are giving away a branded tote bag.

What are Branded Tote Bags Good For?
  • For Greater Brand Visibility. You can use the tote bags at the library to carry the books that you want to take home with you. Once outside of the establishment, you can also use it as a shopping bag or a picnic bag which, either way, will make the brand achieve more visibility naturally in the community.
  • For Gaining More Advocates. The members of the organization give more than what they receive. They have same purpose as the founder, and that is to give or sell books for the betterment of libraries. The anniversary giveaway will help spread this knowledge about their cause, and then perhaps gain more members along the way.

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Tuesday 31 May 2016

Louisiana Lottery 25th Anniversary – Promotional Collection

Winning the lottery is a one-in-a-million thing, a chance of a lifetime. Although that sounds almost like the lyrics of a famous old song, this is how players feel about this game of sheer luck.

There are people who are against it, but did you know that it is mostly for a good cause? Lousiana Lottery, for instance, has been giving a portion of their earnings towards the K-12 education, and this is the 25th year since they first did it. See, they even prepared a promotional collection consisting of calendar, shirts, tumbler, notebook and pen for some lucky lottery players.

Collective Promotional Rewards for the Brand
  • More Satisfied Consumers. Getting a free T-shirt or a free pen is already good, but receiving a promotional collection of stuff that can be used in everyday life? That is fantabulous! The more items the brand can give away, the more satisfied their consumers will be.
  • Costless Additional Marketing. As a brand owner, you may have to pay for the manufacturing of your anniversary giveaways. However, making your name known to other people beyond your reach will be costless, since your consumers who got the freebies will do that for you – consciously or subconsciously.  They can outright talk about the awesome promotional products they received from the brand, or their officemate borrows the pen, or they display the calendar in the common room.

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Canvas Giveaways for U.S. Cellular Field’s 25th Anniversary

The Chicago White Sox have been batting for victory since 1901. Yet, their home since 1991 is and has long been the U.S. Cellular Field. This Major League Baseball team has experienced a lot of memorable games in this ballpark where some of the best players, like Mark Buehrle, A.J. Pierzynski, Paul Konerko, Carlton Fisk, and Scott Podsednik, among many others, have poured their heart and soul into achieving wins for the group.

Now that the ballpark is turning 25 years old, the White Sox will be playing there once more during their Homecoming Weekend. As part of the celebration, on May 21st, they will be giving out anniversary canvas giveaways to 20,000 fans in the stadium!

Advantages from Commemorative Promo Gifts
  • Good Times are Not Forgotten. The promo gift is going to 20,000 homes after the game. More likely than not, they will end up in a fan’s room or dead-center in the living room where people can always look at it and bring a smile to their faces. This smile comes not mainly because they actually got the item, but because they remember the good times when this or that player was still with the team.
  • Uplifts Brand Value. We have always been told that we don’t realize how much time we have consumed if we are enjoying what we do. What the brand is doing with this photo collage is that they are recalling the memories that the baseball team has had in the ballpark, and true-bloom Chicago White Sox fans may be able to relate to every image in the canvas as well. Thus, it uplifts the brand value.

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Tuesday 24 May 2016

Nathan’s Famous 100th Anniversary Giveaway – Wooden Coins

Nathan’s Famous is truly famous when it comes to juicy hot dogs, and it has been for exactly a century now. It started as a family business, but now it has expanded globally and even has covered several other large fast food chains from America. Their biggest anniversary treat for their loyal supporters is that, for a limited period of time, they are bringing back the original price of their hot dog to 5 cents. Just like the old times, eh? In addition to that, they have prepared 100 wooden coins when you pre-register to their promotion.

What Makes This Anniversary Giveaway Extraordinary?
  • It’s classic. A classic giveaway for a classic brand. This must be what Nathan’s Famous is going for when they thought of giving away wooden coins. They have gone past their silver and golden anniversary; they are in their centennial anniversary now. Being able to achieve that three-digit number is such a huge milestone for anyone – or for any brand, for that matter.
  • It’s well-designed. The image above clearly shows the two faces of the coin, and you can see that it is so intricately designed with little things that mean so much for the owners of the brand. There’s their logo, the year when they started, and the drawing of their original restaurant where it all began.
  • It brings back good memories. In one way or another, Nathan’s Famous has been a part of its consumers’ lives. Parents might have gone on their first date there, school friends might have hung out there after classes, or eating Nathan’s Famous’ hot dogs must be the kids’ prize back then for getting good grades. Whatever memory it is, the wooden coin can bring all those back.
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Tuesday 17 May 2016

NUXE Paris 10th Anniversary Gift with Purchase

When a product is launched, brand owners have this understandable fear that what if their consumers cannot appreciate this thing that they have spent months working on? If that’s the case, this will hurt not only their egos but also their profits. But let us think of how people behind beauty brands feel whenever they release collections of products. That must be a thousand times more nerve-wracking, right?

Because of this, it is simply reasonable for NUXE Paris to memorialize their 10th anniversary with a gift with purchase that is up for grabs at the FeelUnique website.

Why Gift with Purchase as Anniversary Giveaway?
  1. It increases brand’s profits. It is quite nice to keep earning while still celebrating. Gift with purchases during company anniversaries usually have the regular products given away at almost have their original value, so that’s one gift already. Then there is the actually freebie that comes with the purchase. This is what increases the brand’s profits.
  2. It makes brand more popular. Within a circle of friends, when one of them loves skincare or beauty products, it’s impossible that she’s the only person that loves such things. Isn’t it that birds of the same feather flock together? So, if someone gets this NUXE anniversary giveaway, she will tell her gal pals where she got it, and then these people can become new or returning customers. Thus, it makes brand more popular.

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Monday 9 May 2016

Anniversary Giveaway Galore for ASPCA’s 150th Anniversary

Treating pets like your own child, dressing them beautifully and sometimes even giving them their own room is the new trend these days all over the world. They have become more than just a man’s best friend – dogs, cats, horses and all animals are included. However, not all of them are lucky to have owners who see them as a part of their family, and they often are the ones that get abandoned, or worse, abused.

This is what the Animal Society for the Prevention ofCruelty to Animals (ASPCA), a non-profit organization, has been trying to avoid for over a hundred years already – 150 years, to be exact. They have been rescuing the unfortunate animals from the streets or from anywhere else and helping them get the better life they deserve in the hands of nicer and more loving people. And for their 150th anniversary, they are encouraging animal lovers to volunteer some of their time and help them do good deeds to these beautiful souls for 150 days. In addition, FiveSibes partners up with them to send a wonderful collection of anniversary giveaways to a good number of people who will enter the giveaway contest at their website.

Achievable Things for ASPCA
  • More Sponsors and Volunteers. There are folks out there who surely want to help animals, yet they do not know how. Now, thanks to the connectivity that internet brings, a lot of them may be able to see this through web search, and they will want to donate their time or money to join the cause.
  • Higher Consciousness About ASPCA. Humans always have a soft spot for animals, and vice versa. No one has to be super fond of pets to the point of letting them share their bed before they feel for the animals. The anniversary giveaways will help make people become more conscious of the fact that ASPCA exists for such reasons.

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Thursday 5 May 2016

Plush Giveaways for Casdon’s 70th Anniversary

Blood is literally and figuratively thicker than water. Family members who put up a business together may have greater edge at achieving success, as they already know one another. This is most probably the case of Tom and Joe Cassidy, the brothers who have founded the company called Cassidy Brothers in the middle of 20th century. The name has been transformed into Casdon last 2010, but the initial goals of the company lives on up to this day that they even celebrating their 70th anniversary.

70 of their widely known plush toys Henry and Hetty will be given to the same number of fans who will participate through their Facebook and Twitter channels.

How can this add to the popularity of Casdon?
  • They are something to remember the company by. Not all companies reach 70 years, much less 7 years or 7 months, that’s why this is truly a great milestone for Casdon. By giving away a couple of the toys that their customers know them most for, it reminds people about what the company is all about. Hence, this reinstates the place of Casdon to their minds.
  • The power of social media is very much alive. To the technical side of things, the company will be even more popular because they have gone virtual for their anniversary giveaways, and this means that they reach practically anyone around the globe. More people will hear about this, and more people can turn into actual customers in the future.

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Giveaways for Star Media Group’s 45th Anniversary

Star Media Group is a Malaysian newspaper company which published its first tabloid in the province of Penang in September 1971. While most novice publications experience bankruptcy after a couple of years, Star Media refused to end up on that same downhill path. It may still be a rocky road, but their ideals for the company is stronger than the difficulties they have had to face through the years. And look at where they are now? The localized tabloid has branched out to other places in the country, and the news are not only seen in prints but also in their online sites.

True, Star Media Group is doing well – so well, in fact, that they are playing host to a lot of giveaways this year for their 45th anniversary. For their first giveaway, they will be sending out dashcams to 45people who will answer their contest form in a very creative manner.

Effects of Anniversary Giveaways for the Company
  • Subscriptions may increase. When the news gets out that Star Media Group will be giving away some cool items, it is possible that more people will get subscription to their newspaper and other news portals, in the hopes of getting more information about the contests. It adds to the consumers’ excitement the idea of not knowing all the giveaways until such time that every contest period opens.
  • Customer loyalty is fortified. Anniversary giveaways can fortify the loyalty of the publication’s customers, because it gives them the idea that the newspaper company they are supporting is top-notch, as it can send forth a great number of high-tech gadgets, and maybe even more, that can help get more new stories from the places which their reporters cannot always reach.

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Tuesday 26 April 2016

BHG Singapore Celebrates 21 Years with GWPs

BHG Singapore was once a department store that wished to be one of the top retail stores in the said country. Its owners worked hard to be able to make their dream come true, and although they have indeed succeeding in fulfilling this, we see no ending yet to this happy story as the company is still going strong and is even currently celebrating its 21st anniversary. This only shows us that even if some stores have gone digital already, physical stores are still well-loved by the consumers and never get out of style.

How they are commemorating this special milestone is by giving away discounts, free bags, and mobile phones, as well as hosting a raffle promo in which the lucky winners can go to a summer getaway for a few days.

Giveaway Benefits for BHG Singapore
  • Higher Customer Devotion. Because the company has been around for over two decades now, it is not surprising if there are some Singaporeans who only want to shop at the BHG Singapore, as this is what they are most familiar with or they like the customer experience here. Whatever their reason is, due to the cool anniversary giveaways being presented to them, they may feel more devotion towards the company now.
  • Enormous Sales. The sales should not be forgotten here because, even if BHG Singapore is spending so much on their anniversary giveaways this year and they have low minimum requirement for those who wish to avail these giveaways, there are people who will want to have higher chances of winning these items. For that to happen, they will make a lot of purchases, and so the company will gain even more while doing something good for their loyal customers.

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Wednesday 20 April 2016

10th Anniversary Celebration Giveaways by Beeyoutiful Blog

A blog that has lasted for a decade – and counting – is not unheard of. Yet, it does not mean that it is still not mind-blowing, because if you think of how much time, effort and knowledge its creators have poured to the blog over the years… wow!

Beeyoutiful, according to their website, is a ‘full disclosure company’ that is celebrating its 10th anniversary right now. The topics they tackle? Everything that concerns health and healthy living – herbs, essential oils, organic products, and so much more. As a way of giving back, the brand will be sending onesies, water bottles and adult shirts free of charge to a few of their avid subscribers.

Why are Giveaways Awesome for Everyone?
  • It makes the brand more human. If they will only keep on posting content in the blog without interacting with their followers, people may think that the owners of the site are there solely to make money, and do not really want to promote awareness about healthy living. Giveaways make others feel that the originators of the brand are more human, that they actually read their comments and know what most of them like, and so the free stuff they are giving away have a connection to their possible needs.
  • It will eventually bring more sales. Beeyoutiful has an online shop as well where subscribers can easily turn into customers. The giveaways will only last for a certain time, so those who have not been so lucky to receive these cool gifts can purchase them at the shop. Therefore, the brand gains more sales.

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Wednesday 13 April 2016

ELEMIS Collection 10th Anniversary GWP

Keeping a company afloat is no easier feat than opening a company, because anyone can launch a business right here right now, but saying how and until when it can be profitable for the owner(s) is like trying to predict who the next lottery winner is. However, ELEMIS, a beauty brand from Great Britain, has one of its greatest skin collections celebrating its 10th year anniversary with a gift with purchase which can be found at the FeelUnique website.

ELEMIS Collection 10th Anniversary GWP

What benefits can a brand get from a gift with purchase as an anniversary promo?
  • Greater Brand Significance. The significance of the brand is even greater now more than ever, due to the fact that they have prepared a special gift in the form of an elegant cosmetic case for every purchase of some of their selected products. It shows how they adore their consumers, and how they understand their consumers’ need for a makeup case because, really, a woman can never say she has ‘too much cases’ if she likes beauty products a lot.
  • More Profits. Anniversary is a nice way of reminding a company of the years they have spent on something, but it does not mean they should forget to promote their products. Actually, this is even a smart idea because people generally are more lenient to those who celebrate something. It’s their way of joining the festivities.

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Thursday 7 April 2016

25th Anniversary Giveaways from Prime Time International

Looking for ways to pepper up your day? How about get some multi-colored peppers from Prime Time International, a company that knows no holidays or off-seasons as they produce, package and dispatch high-quality bell peppers 365 days every year? The owners and their employees are so proficient at what they do that they are rejoicing the company’s 25th anniversary this 2016 by slipping awesome red envelopes to random customers’ boxes. What these red envelopes signify is that they are getting a limited issue pure silver coin, as well as a polo shirt, from the company.

25th Anniversary Giveaways from Prime Time International

How can it attract more clients?
  • Get a Sense of Exclusivity. There is something amazing about getting a gift in a red packaging. The red envelope exudes exclusivity, as if some other envelopes of the same kind have not been stashed to other people’s boxes, as if the anniversary gifts are only and especially for the receiver. It can make anyone feel so cherished that they will talk about it to their friends and become a lifetime customer. This is great for the brand, of course.
  • Pureness Wins. If the red envelope catches someone’s attention, the ‘pure silver coin’ most possibly seals the deal, because it means that for their anniversary, Prime Time International is going all-out. This can turn into a collectible easily, and will be much appreciated by coin collectors out there.

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Tuesday 5 April 2016

Sephora Collection Celebrates 5 Years with GWP Makeup Bag

What probably started as a test line for a new kind of lip coloring is now known as Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain Collection, and it is celebrating this 5th year in the market this year. The brand’s lip stain will make anyone’s mouth look gorgeous with a capital G, but the real deal-maker is the fact that the wearer does not have to reapply many times throughout the day.

Besides, for their 5th anniversary, Sephora is giving away a Breakups to Makeup bag. This is a fancy way of making a cosmetic bag sound more interesting, but what will the brand get from it?

Sephora Collection Celebrates 5 Years with GWP Makeup Bag
  • Higher Brand Value. The thing is, if you can collect pennies from different parts of the world, or dolls, why can’t you collect cosmetic bags? This is what you can do with this GWP makeup bag. Collect them, and match them up with the lip stain color of your choice for the day. Then, brand value will effectively go higher.
  • More Sales. Yes, a gift with purchase is a clever idea for brands that want to give something away, but also want to get something in return. It is comparable to two friends exchanging gifts with each other: cool item for the consumer, more purchases for the brand.

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Friday 1 April 2016

5th Year Anniversary of UnPickled's Sobriety

UnPickled is the title of the blog that Jean created 5 years ago, and there is no other title that will do justice for the truths she reveals in every content that goes up on her website about how she has stayed sober after a long bout of secret alcohol addiction. She is the UnPickled, and UnPickled is her. She is doing this with the end goal of helping other people who suffer from alcoholism snuff it out of their system sooner rather than later.

Last March 20th, UnPickled's 5th year anniversary of sobriety was celebrated. Not with a huge party full of loud music and booze, but with giveaways that will remind everyone to remain sober at all times.

5th Year Anniversary of UnPickled's Sobriety 

Unreserved Advantages for UnPickled
Her followers are those who are going through the issue, have gone through it, or have loved ones who they want to help by reading tips and advices from UnPickled. So, having any of these free items will act like their personal statement that no alcoholic beverage has entered their bloodstream in a long while. For the brand, on the other hand, it will mean a wider spread of brand awareness. Maybe there will even be a bit of increase in the profit, for when the giveaway time is over and people still want the items, they can purchase their at the UnPickled online shop.

Let us point out as well that the placing of the brand name is dead center, and there are no other designs around it that will compete for the attention of whoever is looking at it. Apart from that, the giveaways consist of playing cards, note cards and mirrors, but there are undergarments and tank tops too, which perhaps aim to represent the blog’s aim of making people feel good about their inner selves enough to win over their drinking habit.

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