Monday 29 October 2012

Gold Bank Notes - Promotional Products for Display

Want to celebrate a company anniversary or special event.   This bank note has a very high perceived value and could be the perfect high end gift for staff of key clients.   The photos and specs below are showcasing the Euro 500 note.

999.9 Pure Gold Foil Banknotes (High-end tempered glass)
All gold banknotes are mounted with the high-end tempered glass frame.
The surface of each gold bank note and historical world map is made of 24K gold leaf.
Each product goes with a hand-made and firm gift box. Note inside is 100% secure.
The tempered glass frame enhances the overall product
The backside of the frame is totally neat without the presence of staples.
Either red or black tempered glass frame is available.
OEM and ODM custom designs are welcome.

Another option is to use a simple wooden frame.

999.9 Pure Gold Foil Banknotes with wooden frame
A large variety of banknotes is available.
Each Set is mounted in fine solid-wood frame.
Color options: walnut finish / gold finish
The surface of bank notes is made of 999.9 pure gold
The color of each banknote remains permanently.
Each set is packed in an exquisite color gift box and 
comes with an individual certificate of authenticity.

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Monday 10 September 2012

Company Mergers - Celebrate the Anniversary

Company mergers play an important part in the history of many of the big household brands we know today.  These should be celebrated and marked in order that staff & customers understand the culture and background of your brand.

Just the same way as wedding anniversaries, why not choose the theme of your celebration to tie in with traditional gifting trends.   Below are a list of items that are traditional gifts to mark each year of a merger.

4thLinen, silkFruit and flowers
7thWool, copperWoollen
12thSilkSilk and fine linen
35thCoral, jadeCoral
65thBlue Sapphire
75thDiamond & Gold

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Anniversary Promotion by Auchan, Russia

In celebration of their 10th anniversary in Russia, Auchan is running a gift-with-purchase promotion in which they give away free magnetic calendars. Just subscribe to the news updates on the Auchan site and you will get your calendar within days.

This is a great marketing strategy to promote the brand. First of all, the calendar is branded with the company’s logo, corporate colors, and product pictures. Since it is a durable promotional item, it makes an efficient advertising tool for Auchan. Secondly, Auchan will be able to collect a lot of valuable information about its clients, including some personal data. This could possibly be used in the future for market research and additional advertising.

Anniversary promotions, particularly those accompanied by a thoughtful gift-with-purchase, offer a dual celebration that not only honors the longevity of a business but also creates a win-win scenario for both customers and brands. The efficiency of such promotions lies in the emotional connection forged with customers. By commemorating the anniversary with a special gift, businesses express gratitude for the loyalty of their clientele. This personal touch goes beyond transactional relationships, fostering a sense of community and appreciation that can lead to long-lasting customer loyalty.

From a strategic standpoint, anniversary promotions with a gift-with-purchase prove efficient in driving sales and customer engagement. The allure of receiving an extra item or exclusive gift elevates the perceived value of a purchase, encouraging customers to make buying decisions they might have hesitated on otherwise. This added incentive not only boosts immediate sales during the anniversary period but can also lead to increased customer retention as individuals develop positive associations with the brand. Moreover, the exclusivity of anniversary gifts often prompts customers to share their excitement on social media, inadvertently becoming brand ambassadors and extending the reach of the promotion far beyond the initial customer base. In essence, the efficiency of anniversary promotions with a gift-with-purchase lies in their ability to simultaneously express gratitude, drive sales, and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

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Wednesday 15 August 2012

GWP Promotion - Starbucks Planner

For their 14th anniversary, Starbucks, ran a GWP promotion. In this promotion, they were giving out Starbucks Planners in return for Starbucks stickers.

Starbucks stickers come with every drink purchased (bottled drinks not included). Once you have collected 14 of these stickers (cleverly devised by Starbucks for their 14th anniversary), you can trade them in for the stylish Starbucks Planner. The planner comes in a small variety of colors; red, blue, and beige.

A planner is a great anniversary gift. It will not only count down the days until the next anniversary, but branding this promotional gift allows for free advertisement. Through this advertisement your company logo will then become more recognised and trusted. This will therefore boost sales within the business, so is a perfect marketing gift.

In the world of retail therapy, the charm of a freebie is undeniable. Sticker reward gift-with-purchase promotions have proven to be a whimsically effective strategy for businesses looking to engage customers while adding a touch of playfulness to the shopping experience. The allure lies in the simplicity – customers receive a sheet of colorful stickers as a complimentary gift with their purchase, turning an ordinary transaction into a delightful, interactive experience. This tangible token not only serves as a tangible expression of gratitude but also taps into the universal joy of receiving something unexpected.

From a strategic standpoint, the efficiency of sticker reward gift-with-purchase promotions extends beyond the initial moment of exchange. The playful nature of stickers often prompts customers to personalize their belongings, creating a dynamic form of brand promotion. Whether adorning laptops, water bottles, or notebooks, these branded stickers become mobile advertisements, subtly spreading brand awareness wherever they go. Moreover, the act of collecting stickers can evolve into a fun and shareable experience, fostering a sense of community among customers. In this way, sticker reward promotions not only enhance the immediate shopping experience but also contribute to a brand's long-term visibility and customer loyalty.

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Summit Shoes GWP Organiser Bag

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, Summit Shoes held a gift with purchase promotion in which they gave away a free Limited Organiser Bag.

This was an exclusive promotion for members only. If you spent RM120 or more in one receipt, you would have received a Limited Organiser Bag completely free!

An organizer bag (or any type of bag for that matter) is a fantastic promotional gift. Bags can be a huge variety of shapes and sizes and are very easily customizable. Your company logo or branding can be printed on this sort of promotional gift with ease, and with an everyday item such as a bag, your logo will be on show throughout the day. Therefore increasing brand recognition for the company!

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Anniversary Promotion by Deborah Lippman

Deborah Lippmann is celebrity manicurist and creator of her own line of nail varnishes. She just had her birthday earlier this year. In celebration, she promoted her Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday Nail Lacquer.

The Happy Birthday Nail Lacquer came free with any purchase over $50 on her Lippmann Collection website. This included free next day delivery!

There's nothing better than a limited edition GWP to go with a large haul of Deborah Lippmann branded goods. A perfect gift for yourself or, if you're a guy, that special lady friend.

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Wednesday 14 March 2012

Promotional Products by Rockstar

We like the fact that Rockstar games are having a 10 year Anniversary Promotional Product for their GTA III. Check out Rockstar Games Promotions on our sister blog.

Don't just celebrate your company anniversary.    Celebrate key moments in history and have some fun.
What are the key dates that you can use for promotions?

  • First Customer
  • Opening of each new office or shop
  • Entering new market
  • Product Launch dates
  • Overtaking a competitor for first time
  • Product Awards
  • Introduction of Iconic Trucks / Uniforms etc..

Why not have one of your long serving staff put together a promotional calendar to share with your colleagues & clients.   Celebrate your culture with Anniversary Promos.

Sunday 4 March 2012

Hollywood Chewing Gum 60th Anniversary Promos

Learn more about Hollywood Chewing Gum 60th Anniversary Promos on our Promotional Products Blog.

What other Promo Gift ideas have you had to celebrate your anniversary?

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Anniversary Souvenirs: Bookmarks and Pins

By using these high end promotional products in your corporate anniversary campaign, they associate these kind of products with your company. Similar to if you get a cheap cardboard bookmarker, you associate the company with cheap products.

Anniversary Promotional Product- Bookmark
This metal engraved bookmark is a promotional product that will stay with consumers for a long time, consistently reminding them of your corporate achievement's. 

Anniversary Pin
This anniversary pin is an excellent way of promoting your company birthday through proud staff/consumers can wear them for everyone to see!!

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Monday 30 January 2012

Electric Lighting Company Martin Professional's 25th Birthday!

This year it is the electrical lighting giant Martin Professional's 25th anniversary and they are celebrating in style! Utilising social network to invite customers to share their favourite Martin moment, and touring the world with a Martin Professional road show is a great way to promote their corporate birthday:

Corporate Birthday Banner
The corporate anniversary focuses on the 'Share a Martin Moment', whereby consumers can post on Facebook or on their website. This includes concerts and memorable events, a great way for consumers to promote themselves as well as the company!

These kind of promotional campaigns can be relatively inexpensive, but very effective when working in the entertainment industry; utilising consumers emotions- taking them back to a music event that was important in their lives. 

There are many ways to celebrate a corporate holiday, see these related posts, or contact one of our dedicated staff at The ODM Group to discuss your future promotions!

Thursday 19 January 2012

Girl Scouts of America 100th Anniversary Calendar

To celebrate its 100th birthday, the Girl Scouts of America have produced a fantastic calendar:

Promotional Calendar

These kind of promotional products are great for supporters, alumni, volunteers and members! The calendar boasts never seen before photos of the guides in action- a perfect way to tempt consumers and promote the organisation.

Promotional calendars can be perfect for increasing brand recognition, speak with The ODM Group today about designing your own custom calendar!

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Wednesday 4 January 2012

Outsourcing Inefficiencies

It is always important to keep pressuring your factories when producing your anniversary promotional products, otherwise production time could slip away from you.

We found this out while working in a factory in Xiamen with the use of our time lapse camera:

As you can see from this video, a manager was not present, this can lead to employees lazing around, which ultimately affects the quality of the products. This can mean that production times can be extended unnecessarily.

This is especially important when producing for Anniversary Promos, because this is date specific.

This can be seen as a draw back from outsourcing goods, however this inefficiency can be controlled by having your own operatives in factories overseeing these processes.

Obviously it would not be proficient to send over someone from your own company, this would waste time and money- the most efficient way to combat this style of professional procrastination is by having a western company to manage your project. This ensures that:

  1. Your project is completed in the most time efficient way
  2. Your goods are finished to a high quality specification
  3. The whole process is completed using the correct due diligence

The ODM Group is a perfect example of these western companies; utilising in-house design team to ensure your products are exactly the way you want them. In addition utilising western Project Managers and Quality Control Operatives to warrant the products are up to quality standards needed in developing and developed markets.

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