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10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Business

Company anniversaries are a great way to mark important milestones of your business. Whether you are in the industry for more than a decade or just starting out, any anniversary is worth celebrating. And anniversary promo gifts should always be on your priority list.

For your tenth anniversary, make sure to highlight the number "10" in your gifts, displays, and social media campaign. The goal is to increase your exposure and inspire other companies. Ten years is a remarkable achievement. As such, you may go all out with your gifts. If you have a limited budget, go for less expensive, yet still creative and memorable products.

Why Offer Anniversary Promo Gifts?

An anniversary can be a good opportunity to introduce a new product, brand campaign, and strengthen bonds between business and stakeholders. Tokens of appreciation or anniversary gifts are important to mark these important events.

What are the Usual Anniversary Promo Gifts

  • Commemorative Coins
Commemorative coins are probably the most popular gifts being given away during anniversary celebrations. Often, it is large companies or an established organization that gives away commemorative coins. One of our recent examples is the Isle of Man 50 P. 

  • Promotional Mugs
Celebrating your 5th year in business? Why not use promotional mugs? Like T-shirts, they are certainly easy to manufacture and custom design. Plain ones with just the logo are preferred especially at corporate anniversaries, while you can be playful with shapes and colors if you are a brand that markets to kids.

  • Pins and Badges
Wearable items such as ins and badges are a great way to celebrate company anniversaries. It can be made from different materials but they are usually made from either soft or hard enamel. Pins can be used as fashion ornaments or limited-edition memorabilia. 

  • Pens
Pens are easily the best anniversary gift ideas for many companies. Offer high-end pens that customers, clients, and employees will be glad to have. 

Power banks are really popular nowadays. Not only are they useful for when you need to recharge your devices, but they also make a great gift for company anniversaries. They can be given as a part of a swag bag or a token of appreciation for those who participated in your anniversary campaigns. There is a large space to imprint your brand message. For example, you can get "10th Anniversary" printed on the front and back of the power bank.

Are you celebrating your anniversary soon? If you need creative advice on designing your anniversary promo gift, please contact our team.

Check Out this Extremely Rare Isle of Man ICC Cricket World Cup Commemorative Coin!

Commemorative coins are a simple way to mark big events and celebrate important milestones. They last long and add value to your business or organization. One good example is this official commemorative coin from ICC Cricket World Cup.

Here's the official Isle of Man ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 50p to commemorate the prestigious event being hosted in England and Whales. But what makes this a valuable anniversary promo gift?

To give you an idea what sets this commemorative coin apart, we listed its unique features below:

  • The 50 pence commemorative coin features the ICC Word Cup 2019 logo.
  • It comes in a  bespoke packaging
  • The coin is struck in Brilliant Uncirculated Quality, which means it has ever been circulated so the original mint luster is retained.

  • ICC Approved and is a limited-edition item.
  • There are 5 different designs available namely: Official ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Logo; Cover Drive; Slip Catch; Delivery Stride, and Stumping
  • Diameter: 27.3mm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Metal: Sterling Silver

What is the ICC World Cup?

For those not in the know, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is the governing body for cricket. According to their official website, the organization "governs and administrates the game and works with our members to grow the sport." They are also also "responsible for the staging of all ICC Events."

They promote Cricket by organizing international tournaments. The ICC World Cup is held every 4 years and the last tournament was held in England. The next competition will be held in 2023 in India.

But Why Is this Commemorative Coin Valuable?

With so many people collecting rare coin pieces, the rare Isle of Man ICC Commemorative Coin will be a hot item for collectors. Since commemorative coins are minted only once and are available for only a limited time, their value increases over time. The price is generally dependent on how many coins were minted. Mintage for British Isles territories are smaller in number compared to UK figures due to the much smaller number of population. For the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, 50ps have an initial mintage of 12,500 coins per design.

Why You Should Offer Commemorative Coins?

- To commemorate or celebrate special events
- To show appreciation towards customers
- To make a good impression on the target market
- To improve brand impression

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