Friday 30 September 2016

20th Anniversary Box Set GWP for Bad Boy Entertainment

Bad Boy Entertainment is having a blast this year, as they commemorate the 20th anniversary of its foundation in 1993. The record label is a brilliant creation of Sean John Combs - or P. Diddy in the hip hop world – who is one of the richest Hollywood stars even to this day. As a way of thanking their fans, they are providing free box sets to the people who will obtain the rapper’s fragrance collection.

Sleek Advantages of the Giveaway
  • Great Company Remembrance. The Bad Boy Entertainment logo engulfs the whole front cover of the promotional box set. There are five CDs in every pack that will most definitely transport the people to those times when online stores still have not been developed. This is one of the best things to remember a company by.
  • Higher Brand Worth. The black-and-white design can make the consumers feel once more the vibe of the 90s when hip hop and P. Diddy’s music career have started to flourish. The new generation as well that may not know of the excellent rap songs back then can listen to them now. Thus, Bad Boy Entertainment’s significance will be much higher due to this.

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Monday 26 September 2016

Customized Black Shirt for Mestrelab Research’s 10th Anniversary

Mestrelab Research is the intelligent developer of Mnova, a software that has been created to make chemical analyses more technology-friendly for the old and young scientists in the world. The company has begun as basically a startup – a university science project that has turned into a qualified business. It aids in simulating data for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, which studies the electromagnetic radiation’s concentration at a nuclear level.

You can say that they have succeeded in their changeover, as Mestrelab Research celebrates their 10th anniversary with a customized Mnova shirt.

Twosome Benefits from Free Anniversary Merchandise
  • Boosts People’s Knowledge. Because the shirt where there design has been printed to has excellent cotton fabric, the customers can wear the promo gift in places where casual clothes are allowed. Simply by walking in the mall or a park in which many like to people-watch, their awareness about the Mestrelab Research’s Mnova will increase.
  • Highlights the Brand Website. The customized shirt is a smart advertising strategy too, as it features the company’s site and logo. The words ‘Hey ho, let’s go!’ can be taken as either their way of cheering themselves up or attracting potential consumers to type their domain name in the search engine and see their products.

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Friday 16 September 2016

26th Anniversary Promo Gifts from Brass Horn

The Brass Horn is a local shop in Decatur, Illinois that only serves the male populace with their tailored and high-quality suits. This is one of the few remaining stores in the United States that has not been enticed to modernize their products or create clothing pieces that can be worn by women. Nevertheless, sticking to the basics seems to be working great for the company, because they are now commemorating their 26th year with freebies such as gift cards, promotional shirts, and a branded golf bag.

Candid Points of These Giveaways
  • Customizable Products. The golf bag shown above has been left as is by The Brass Horn, but if you wish to send off a similar item, you can embroider or print your own logo on it. The T-shirt and the gift card can also be personalized with the brand name and/or slogan that your company is known for.
  • Upholding Brand Value. The promo gift card and shirt kind of invite the younger crowd to try their suits, while the golf bag appeals to older men who like to play the sport. These things help the brand uphold their status and visibility.

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Friday 9 September 2016

Gaby et Jules 3rd Anniversary Mug as Gifts with Purchase

You are probably aware of the three-year rule of dating, wherein some couples have agreed that their relationship has been tested a lot on the third year of being together. It can be due to financial or familial issues, one of them has met a more interesting individual, or they have simply fallen out of love. However, this does not apply to the relationship that Gaby et Jules has with their own customers, as they are now celebrating their third anniversary with gifts with purchase.

What are the benefits of giving away a cluster of presents?
  1. The consumers will be more stimulated to buy. Knowing that this is not a raffle promo and that they can take home some of the mixed goodies right after paying for their purchases encourage them to buy more stuff, in order to qualify for the promotion. The base amount required is not even 50 dollars, so getting any of these items is great.
  2. More profits will enter the company. The customized mug and sweets are all packed in a red promotional gift box which, for the record, is not made with flimsy material. Thus, it can actually be recycled and used in the future. Because of them, the profits of Gaby et Jules on their anniversary may double or triple.

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Thursday 1 September 2016

75th Anniversary Travel Bag from Reagan National Airport

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, which was then simply called Washington National Airport when it was first constructed in 1941, is an international terminal that services over 20 million airline passengers every year. The airport has gone through several expansions since then, and its administration has decided to give away a very appropriate airport-related freebie for its 75th year: a travel bag.

Promo Gift Perks for the Airport
  • Lengthened Recognition. Should the travelers choose to bring this customized bag in one of their trips instead of the regular ones they own, more possible consumers will be enticed to fly through a practically ancient port next time. This promises higher sales for Ronald Reagan National Airport.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty. The passengers who do use the airport’s facilities now will be extra motivated to continue doing it, because they have realized that the company cares for them and wants to give back, even if it is via a small gift. Again, it may help make the profits rise.

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