Monday 31 August 2015

Subway Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Branded T-Shirts

The American sandwich maker, Subway is now celebrating their 50th anniversary with branded t-shirts, to highlight the company's anniversary. This is a great way of creating more awareness to the brand. Anniversaries like this make the company more trustworthy, clearly a company that has survived 50 years will look better than a company only a few years old. It is therefore a great way to show customers the experiences your company has.

Subway Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Branded T-Shirts 

It is important to brand your company internally as well as externally. In retail store like Subway the employees also play their part in advertising the company brand. Companies like Subway take advantage of this when branding their own company name and anniversary celebration on staff t-shirts.

Why use Recognition Merchandise?   

Recognition merchandise helps your company to stay in customer's recognition, when deciding which brand to choose. It also allows for customers to impulse purchase because they associate products, logos and brand with your company.

Subway Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Branded T-Shirts 

Below is listed some bullet points of how your company can benefit from recognition merchandise:
  • Increased awareness 
  • Boosted sales 
  • Impulse purchases 
  • Standing out among competition 

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Online Store Celebrates 5th Anniversary with a Free Gift With Purchase

Online watch store Markas Jam-Tangan is celebrating 5th anniversary offering free led watch with purchase of 2 watches. Customers can choose from variety of brands from Armani to Louis Vuitton. This is a great deal especially considering that it is going to last till December. So maybe it is the right time to consider Christmas shopping as this high-end watches are going to be a perfect present for nearly anyone.

Online store celebrates 5th Anniversary with Free Gift with Purchase

Free gift with purchase is an exceptional strategy to boost the sales as many customers are fascinated to get free gifts. Considering that most of the watches are of high quality and from top brands, it will increase after sales customer satisfaction and lift up brand attitude as well as customer-perceived value.  It can also work as powerful tool to rise brand awareness and attract new customers.

This promotional campaign makes the company to stand out among the competition. Having special free gifts, promos or discounts for anniversary is an excellent technique to nurture client relationships and make them feel important. In addition, is just a great way to celebrate anniversary and remind the customers of the brand experience within the industry.

Krannich is Continuing their 20th Anniversary with Free Powerbanks

The American solar company, Krannich is continuing their 20th anniversary sales with great promotional offers. When purchasing the new Delta Warranties, you will receive a free powerbank as a free gift with purchase. As an extra promotion you also get a 20 % discount when buying this item. The offer will be valid until 20th October 2015.

Krannich is Continuing their 20th Anniversary with Free Powerbanks
If you want to increase your brand awareness and sales with tangible products, is powerbanks a great promotional idea. When you offering warranties to your customers, adding a free physical gift to the purchase will add extra value to your company's services. 
Krannich is Continuing their 20th Anniversary with Free Powerbanks
A powerbank is an excellent promotional item to offer as a free gift. There is plenty of space to brand your company name/logo. This has fantastic opportunity to improve brand activation, which will lead to increased sales and brand recognition. A power bank is useful in most situations and people tend to use this item in school or at work. This means that you have great chance to focus your marketing on the right target group with this promotional item. 

If you want to read more about other special anniversary promotions from Krannich, please check below. 

Monday 24 August 2015

5 Year's of Starcraft II Marks Their Anniversary Giveaway!

Toys, plushies and hoodies! 

All of this and more is being given away by Blizzard Entertainment for the 5th anniversary of the competitive RTS game Starcraft II. Expanding the ecosystem of Blizzard Entertainment via the memorabilia given away will surely instill brand identity into the gaming industry.

This anniversary of Starcraft 2 is being celebrated with a competition, the winner receives promotional products as shown! Exciting and competitive, in line with the core competencies of Starcraft 2! 

Whats so great about this for business opportunities? 
  • Brand Awareness 
  • Marketing Opportunities 
  • Diversity 
  • Brand Stability and Strength
The toys, hoodies and plushies not only promote brand awareness, but they expand the ecosystem of Starcraft 2 and blizzard entertainment. To win, consumers post #gg5years to twitter with a photo of their favourite Starcraft item, offering further marketing opportunities for Blizzard!

In addition to the marketing opportunities; the anniversary competition (complemented by the promotional products)  also instills a feel of stability and brand strength given the 5 years the game has been successful.

The promotional items are tailored to the specific product of Starcraft, offered by Blizzard. This highlights the diversity in contrast to the other items offered on the store, as it contrasts with other products from other titles under the umbrella of Blizzard Entertainment.

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Michael Kros One-Year Anniversary Celebration with Free Giveaways

The world-renowned award winning luxury accessory company Michael Kros is now celebrating the one year anniversary of their opening in Holyoke Mall in Massachusetts. This occasion will be celebrated with free complementary cosmetic bags as giveaways. To receive this gift, you need to visit the store itself. This campaign will be running from 22nd August until 1st September 2015.

Michael Kros One-Year Anniversary Celebration with Free Giveaways 

This campaign should be successful for a number of reasons. It will firstly attract a lot of customer traffic flow into the store, leading to a much higher chance of impulse purchasing. Furthermore, the impulse purchases will have a higher value than the giveaway. This is beneficial as even though only a small amount of customers are potentially purchasing the products, the store is still turning a profit on these giveaways.

Thirdly the free promotional giveaway allows for increased brand recognition. The cosmetic bag will increase brand awareness and lead non-impulse customers to make a purchase later on. This is truly a great marketing approach that should be considered when you do your yearly marketing planning.        

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Travel Through 7 Decades with TAP Portugal

The Portuguese company TAP Portugal is celebrating their 70th anniversary as the leading flying company in Portugal. The company was a pioneer in creating new routes across the world and is therefore celebrating this by offering 150 different digital stickers people can collect. Every day until 31 December 2015 will TAP Portugal publish 5 new stickers on social medias, which will contain images of the company's history. If you afterword's manage to collect all 150 stickers you will receive an exclusive limited album with all the stickers printed in.

Travel Through 7 Decades with TAP Portugal 

If items only are manufactured in a certain amount of quantity, the value of the product will increase. This means that TAP Portugal's deal will be a great offer for collectors all round the world. This commemorative deal will create a lot of awareness to the company's anniversary, because it will run over a longer period of time. This gives loyal customers longer time to get familiar with the company and its values.

Companies can benefit from commemorative products like this in many ways. Below is highlighted some bullet-points.
  • Increased brand recognition 
  • Boosted sales + profits
  • Increased impulse purchases 
  • Added value to each single purchase   

Monday 17 August 2015

Krannich Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The American solar company Krannich is now celebrating their 20th anniversary with many great promotions and free gifts with purchases. One of the promotions contains a free high quality construction site radio, when you purchase a pallet of N240 or N245 Panasonic solar modules. By that is the company also using their anniversary to show their customers how experienced they are by saying: "Celebrating 20 years of solar PV expertise".  

Krannich Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Offering free gifts with purchases to celebrate anniversaries is a great marketing approach. Anniversaries often show your customers that you have experience in the business and you thereby want to share it with them. The free gifts with purchases will afterword’s confirm that. The anniversary and free gift is a good combination to increase brand awareness and sales, because people also tend to buy impulse when they are offered free things. 

Krannich Celebrates 20th Anniversary

This construction radio is a perfect combination as a gift together with solars. If you are available to install these solars by yourself, will this radio be beneficial meanwhile you are working. So overall is this a great example of how a company can celebrate their anniversary by offering free gifts with purchases.   

Thursday 13 August 2015

Disney Celebrates their 5th D23 EXPO With Limited Merchandise

Back in 2009, the world famous Walt Disney Company decided to create an official fan club named D23. This organisation is mainly known for its biennial exposition event, D23 EXPO.  
The major components of D23, is to create yearly member gifts and limited exclusive merchandise for people who has joined the fan club.  

Now in 2015, the 5th anniversary event is ready to be held, which will happen this upcoming weekend, August 14-16 in Anaheim, California.

Again this year, Disney has not disappointed their fans as they have produced different limited merchandise especially for their 5th anniversary of D23.

Disney Celebrates their 5th D23 EXPO With Limited Merchandise

Coincidentally will this years event be held meanwhile Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 60th anniversary as a cartoon. This naturally means that a lot the promotional merchandise is limited produced in Mickey Mouse prints. 
As seen on above picture is Disney trying to create more brand awareness through items, people use in everyday life, such as Iphone covers and bags. 

Disney Celebrates their 5th D23 EXPO With Limited Merchandise

Walt Disney has many fans all around the world. This means that the brand has become so famous that people actually starts to collect limited items from the brand. As seen above has Disney made some limited pins for collectors. 

Why produce limited anniversary items? 

As mentioned are Disney a global brand, which also means that they can act global in their marketing strategies. Such limited items as above are a great way to improve your strength on the global market and by that, create more brand awareness and goodwill.
If Disney wants to stay on top of mind, do they really need to do something different. Limited anniversary items for events, is proving that Disney is trying to stay and strengthen their position as the biggest in the market.

If you want to know more about earlier D23 EXPO celebrations, please read below:

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Another National Day Celebration which includes a Free Gift with Purchase

Again, again is an Asian company clever by taking advantage of Singapore's National Day celebration. This time is The Face Shop offering a free gift with purchase. If you want to achieve this free gift, you need to spend above $180 in one purchase. After you will achieve a little red box worth $50, which contains different kind of healthcare products from The Face Shop.  

Another National Day Celebration which included Free Gift With Purchase 

Why offer a free gift with purchase?

A free gift with purchase can be an inexpensive way of expanding your business. It makes people buy impulse, and makes them think, that they are getting value for money. 
This type of advertisement is brilliant to promote your brand as well. When your logo is branded on the gift, you will create more brand awareness and by then boost your sales. This offer is a good little door opener to consumers whom haven't tried your product yet. If they then feel satisfied with it, they would probably order again. 

Monday 10 August 2015

California Fitness celebrates National Day with special promotions

The large fitness chain placed all around Asia, California Fitness, is now celebrating the local National Day of Singapore, with special promotions from 7-10 August 2015 in their centres around Singapore. The fitness chain offers one months membership for free, if you sign up for their Platinum Term Membership. All sign-ups will afterwords also compete about 3 prizes, of a new FITBIT charges, worth $ 169

California Fitness celebrates National Day with special promotions 

Act Global, Think Local

When you are doing business in different kind of countries, you need to consider how to adapt to the specific culture in your marketing approach. This means that you should always look for opportunities in the specific country. This can be very valuable in the long run. 

California Fitness is surely taking advantage of this strategy, because they are aware of the big celebration day in Singapore. This approach to the market is not the cheapest, but is definitely every penny worth, if you succeed adapting your campaigns to the specific culture. 
Acting global, and thinking local is therefore a great way to boost sales and thereby getting the most out of your specified campaigns.  

Thursday 6 August 2015

Mr Bean celebrates 20th Anniversary with Plush Toys

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Mr Bean offers an adorable little plush toy. This plush toy is a copy of the chain soya bean food & beverage retailers' logo.
The company is the leading retailer in Singapore with more than 50 stores around. To maintain this position, the company needs do something extraordinary, which they are doing through this little limited brand recognition merchandise.

Mr Bean celebrates 20th Anniversary with Plush Toys

What is recognition merchandise?

Recognition merchandise is often an award, which is easy to personalize with your own company logo. It can help your company to increase brand awareness and thereby boost sales in the long run, which means that this kind of marketing strategy can be very powerful over time.

If you want to increase sales and market share, you must consider if your brand recognition merchandise product fits to your company's brand mission and vision. This simply has to agree with each other. As an example of successful brand recognition combined with successful brand vision, we can mention Mr Bean, which vision says:

By offering this little plush toy as a purchase, do the company also trying to accomplish their brand vision by being a part of their customers daily life, because it's something different than normal, which customers can relate the company with. This is therefore a brilliant way to celebrate an anniversary of your company or just a national day. 

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Tim Ho Wan - National Day anniversary giveaways

To celebrate National Day, 9th August 2015 on the Philippines the famous Dim Sum Michelin star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan, decided to hand out free umbrellas to their first 500 customers whom spend spend above $50.
The company normally operates in Hong Kong where it's famous for their Michelin star as well. The company has thereby experienced a lot of success during the years and have now expanded to a country where Dim Sum has potential to be a favourite to.

Tim Ho Wan has already discovered that it would be a clever idea to take advantage of national celebrations when promoting your products in new countries. The restaurant is therefore seeking to make the national day into their anniversary day.

Tim Ho Wan - National Day anniversary giveaways
A gift with purchase helps to boost sales. A free gift helps to attract more consumers. They are further likely to purchase your goods because of the free gift, which will boost your sales.
A gift with a purchase is a type of advertisement to promote your brand as well. With your logo branded on the free gift, other people can also see your brand when your consumers use your free gift in public.

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