Friday 14 August 2020

Starbucks 20th Anniversary Promo

Starbucks Hong Kong is celebrating its 20th-anniversary in style! The famous coffee franchise unveiled exclusive cafe merchandise. They released a limited-edition flask, tumbler, mug, and its new loyalty card design.

Starbucks is always on point when it comes to their anniversary promos and special events held in the countries they have branches in. This is what sets Starbucks apart. They understand the trend and who their customers are. Below, we explain why their anniversary promo is a huge hit!

The Tumblers

The merchandise collection comes in a royal blue and white hue with gold accents. The custom branded tumblers are made from stainless steel so they are really durable. But why is this a good marketing idea?

Tumblers make great anniversary gifts because they ensure prolonged exposure and continued brand engagement. The more the gift is used, the longer the brand message stays with the target market.

Mugs are a common business giveaway. As an anniversary promo gift, it is cost-effective and very easy to customize. We love the combination of royal blue, white, and gold in this promotional gift. It also comes in a special box packaging. 

Promotional toys are always a great way to add fun to any promotions. They have this universal appeal that captures everyone's heart. Here, Starbucks is also offering a limited-edition mini Lego shop. this partnership is not only beneficial to one brand because both companies enjoyed the support that comes from each of their respective markets.


  • Positive Brand Association: Starbucks will surely leave a positive feeling through exclusive branded promotional merchandise. They are limited-edition so customers will feel as if they scored a great deal. When customers are happy and satisfied with their purchases, they will come back for more.

  • Brand Impression: The toys can be displayed at home or at work, thereby ensuring engagement and exposure. In a study conducted by ASI Central on overall ownership of promo items, drinkware ranks second as the most popular promo item. 

  • Collectible: Many people love collecting souvenirs from their favorite brands. Since Sarbucks' retail merchandise is offered for a limited time only, collectors are motivated to make the purchase before they run out of time. Moreover, offering anniversary merchandise gives customers something to look forward to the next anniversary celebration.

  • Custom Design: The custom designs of the tumblers and mugs definitely set Starbuck apart from the competition. Tumblers and mugs are a great place to print your logo on. They can be made in different shapes and designs so there is appropriate drinkware for every kind of customer.

Indeed, offering exclusive promotional products are a great way to celebrate your anniversary in style. If you want to see more great anniversary promo ideas, be sure to check out our blogs.

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