Wednesday 4 January 2012

Outsourcing Inefficiencies

It is always important to keep pressuring your factories when producing your anniversary promotional products, otherwise production time could slip away from you.

We found this out while working in a factory in Xiamen with the use of our time lapse camera:

As you can see from this video, a manager was not present, this can lead to employees lazing around, which ultimately affects the quality of the products. This can mean that production times can be extended unnecessarily.

This is especially important when producing for Anniversary Promos, because this is date specific.

This can be seen as a draw back from outsourcing goods, however this inefficiency can be controlled by having your own operatives in factories overseeing these processes.

Obviously it would not be proficient to send over someone from your own company, this would waste time and money- the most efficient way to combat this style of professional procrastination is by having a western company to manage your project. This ensures that:

  1. Your project is completed in the most time efficient way
  2. Your goods are finished to a high quality specification
  3. The whole process is completed using the correct due diligence

The ODM Group is a perfect example of these western companies; utilising in-house design team to ensure your products are exactly the way you want them. In addition utilising western Project Managers and Quality Control Operatives to warrant the products are up to quality standards needed in developing and developed markets.

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