Wednesday 15 August 2012

GWP Promotion - Starbucks Planner

For their 14th anniversary, Starbucks, ran a GWP promotion. In this promotion, they were giving out Starbucks Planners in return for Starbucks stickers.

Starbucks stickers come with every drink purchased (bottled drinks not included). Once you have collected 14 of these stickers (cleverly devised by Starbucks for their 14th anniversary), you can trade them in for the stylish Starbucks Planner. The planner comes in a small variety of colors; red, blue, and beige.

A planner is a great anniversary gift. It will not only count down the days until the next anniversary, but branding this promotional gift allows for free advertisement. Through this advertisement your company logo will then become more recognised and trusted. This will therefore boost sales within the business, so is a perfect marketing gift.

In the world of retail therapy, the charm of a freebie is undeniable. Sticker reward gift-with-purchase promotions have proven to be a whimsically effective strategy for businesses looking to engage customers while adding a touch of playfulness to the shopping experience. The allure lies in the simplicity – customers receive a sheet of colorful stickers as a complimentary gift with their purchase, turning an ordinary transaction into a delightful, interactive experience. This tangible token not only serves as a tangible expression of gratitude but also taps into the universal joy of receiving something unexpected.

From a strategic standpoint, the efficiency of sticker reward gift-with-purchase promotions extends beyond the initial moment of exchange. The playful nature of stickers often prompts customers to personalize their belongings, creating a dynamic form of brand promotion. Whether adorning laptops, water bottles, or notebooks, these branded stickers become mobile advertisements, subtly spreading brand awareness wherever they go. Moreover, the act of collecting stickers can evolve into a fun and shareable experience, fostering a sense of community among customers. In this way, sticker reward promotions not only enhance the immediate shopping experience but also contribute to a brand's long-term visibility and customer loyalty.

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