Monday 18 January 2016

City of Stanton Giveaway: Stanton's 60th Anniversary

The City of Stanton is located in northwestern Orange County, California. With a population of less than 39,000 in 3.1 square miles, many residents enjoy the small town community feel. The City was incorporated in 1956 and has enjoyed growth and prosperity since that time.

The City’s motto – Community Pride and Forward Vision – identifies Stanton as a place where innovation and pride in the community are an important aspect of life in Stanton.

On Tuesday, January 12, 2016 the City of Stanton hosted its 60th Anniversary celebration at the first city council meeting of the year. 

In honour of the anniversary, the kickoff included giveaways of exclusive 60th Anniversary-themed items such as calendars, pins and cups.

City of Stanton Giveaway: Stanton's 60th Anniversary

What is the benefit of an anniversary giveaway?

  • An anniversary giveaway or promotion is a great marketing strategy for you to increase publicity and achieve considerable media coverage. This can in turn increase the amount of recognition that you receive.
  • An anniversary celebration can also serve as an excellent reminder to the customer of brand’s experience in the industry, therefore improving brand image.
  • Every one enjoys receiving items that are free of charge, and utilising a giveaway is a fantastic way to boost sales in the future. In this example, a calendar is an excellent option for a free gift, as it is neither large nor expensive, but is instead very useful. A calendar is something that gets used every day, making them applicable in long term perspective. Moreover, they have a vast opportunity for branding.
  • If you are involved in social media marketing, an anniversary is a fantastic way to promote your brand through web to get more followers, more subscribers, and therefore, more potential customers.

Whether it be reinforcing the brand image, increasing customer retention rates or achieving certain sales targets - whatever is your marketing objective, an anniversary celebration will help you to attain it.

City of Stanton Giveaway: Stanton's 60th Anniversary
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