Thursday 18 August 2016

50th Anniversary Movie Box Set for Lost in Space

Lost in Space first soared in the mainstream in 1965 and captivated the hearts of many Americans who are fascinated to the life beyond Earth. The story centered on the journey of the Robinsons, a family of scientists, who travel to stars and other planets aboard their own spaceship and with their mechanical friend called Robot.

The TV series ended after three seasons in 1968, but the audiences’ love for Lost in Space has traversed through time. On their 50th anniversary, a movie box set containing the show’s episodes will be sent to their avid fans.

What kind of customization can the brand do?
  1. Design the Actual Box. Lost in Space aired when top-notch marketing materials were yet to be invented. However, this should not stop you from designing the box set in a way that is likeable for the millennials, and memorable for those who have already been alive when the series was still the hot topic.
  2. Include Lots of Knickknacks. You cannot change the plot of the show, but you can add various things in the promotional movie box set. As long as they are related to the TV series, they can be included in the giveaway.

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