Celebrate your Company Anniversary in Style.

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Why celebrate your anniversary?

Git an company anniversary coming up? Not sure how to celebrate it or what to do?Whether it is your 1st or 250th year celebration do not miss the chance to promote your company using these golden rules:
  1. It is the perfect time to bring positive attention to your company. The fact is that over half business will not even survive their first year of trading- so why not make sure consumers are aware that your company is a survivor?
  2. Reinforce your brand and company image- By celebrating a anniversary your corporation is able to strengthen brand identity and attract the attention of industry analysts
  3. Promote innovation- Anniversaries are the perfect time for your company to reveal a new product,or a change in corporate strategy, as it gives you the maximum positive coverage to strengthen strategic decisions
  4. Inspiration- By publicizing your anniversary this inspires employees and customers- if you are working with an company that has just celebrated its 25th year of trading, it inspires you to continue this longevity. Customers feel that they are linked to an institution once they know how old you are- it gives emphasis to your strong business acumen.
  5. Promotion- Probably the most important of all reasons. Your anniversary gives you the perfect time to promote your business through promotional products, discounts etc the list is endless. Make sure that your company is heard, you can use this time to talk about how you have helped your local communities through CSR for consumers, and how you have increased your market share by 5% for shareholders.
As you can see by these few simple ideas celebrating your anniversary is a win-win situation, it is free publicity for your company- if you choose to accept it.

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