Wednesday 2 November 2011

Corporate Birthday Ideas

To celebrate your corporate birthday, you need to utilize great promotional tools and items, here are just a couple to get you thinking!!

1. A 'special' version of your product-

This is a popular concept were companies offer golden versions of their products for their birthday, for example the Crystal Coca Cola bottle:

Crystal anniversary Promotional item

2.Create 'buzz' about your birthday by utilizing social networking websites

One of the most cost effective ways to promote your birthday is through such websites as Twitter or Facebook. Primarily you need to invest in a smart viral advert, this will get potential consumers interested in your brand. Then you can start to build up your 'grass-roots' potential consumers- lots of companies use character based advertising as this gives a perfect platform to promote your brand from, like this from Birdseye in the United Kingdom:

Grass roots promotional marketing- FaceBook

Once you have built up a fan base our your company, this is the time to promote your birthday with promotional gifts such as pens, notebooks, plush versions of your character based campaigns!

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