Monday 15 June 2015

New Braunfels anniversary glass

New Braunfels Brewing Company from Texas recently celebrated their 2nd anniversary by throwing a big party. People who bought tickets did not only receive access to limited beer released and live music, but also a commemorative anniversary glass as shown in the picture. This type of giveaway is common in the alcohol industry and serves a lot of purposes.

New Braunfels anniversary glass
First of all it incentivizes purchase and makes people more likely to attend the event if something will be given away. To enhance this, the companies usually only make the products available at the event, meaning that if you want it you have no choice but to attend. It also improves brand awareness. People who see the glass will be reminded of the brand and will be more likely to purchase their products. This means that it works as a long-term type of advertising for a relatively low cost making it a good marketing tool.

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