Wednesday 28 October 2015

IORA celebrates 17th Anniversary with Redemption Gifts

One of the leading women’s clothing and accessories brand in Asia IORA was celebrating 17th anniversary earlier this month. Along with the traditional anniversary discounts the brand offered redemption gifts. For all IORA members purchasing for more than $100 brand offered small travel organizers for free. If the purchase exceeded $150 then customers had a chance to get a free travel organizer set. The promotion is mainly meant for Singaporean market.

IORA celebrates 17th Anniversary with Redemption Gifts

How can the brand benefit from Anniversary celebration?

Any number of years in business is something to celebrate. Celebrating business anniversary attracts more attention towards the brand, influence media strategy and help to ‘spread the word’. There are endless ways to celebrate, and creativity is the key to get sufficient attention. 

Anniversary celebration is extremely beneficial to rise customer awareness about the brand and the products or services it offers. Additionally it can serve as an excuse to broadcast your brand and start a promotional campaign.  Reinforce the brand image, rise customer retention rate or achieve certain sales targets - whatever is your marketing objective, anniversary celebration will help you to attain it.

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