Wednesday 14 October 2015

Famous Amos cookie jar Giveaway for its 40th Anniversary

American brand of bite size cookies Famous Amos is celebrating its 40th Anniversary with special edition commemorative cookie jar giveaway. Purchase is not necessary as customers only need to play the “Famous Amos” game on the company’s website. This is all that is required to participate in the giveaway. This giveaway ends on 31 of December 2015. The promotion is meant for American and Colombian markets.

Famous Amos cookie jar Giveaway for its 40th Anniversary

What are the benefits of using Anniversary promotions?

First of all, Anniversary promotions will get more attention as they are perceived as something special, thus it is a very good time to start promotional campaign. Also, anniversary can remind the customers of your experience in the given market or industry. 

As the collector cookie jar has an approximate retail price of $25, it would have a higher perceived value. Therefore, it will increase customer satisfaction from the giveaway and rise customer retention rate.

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