Wednesday 21 October 2015

Umbrella Giveaway for Pandora's 5th Anniversary

Pandora Mall of Louisiana is celebrating its 5th anniversary. The brand is hosting a big celebration event with drinks and snacks, raffle with a chance to win free Pandora bracelet or Pandora ring stack and of course, giveaways. For all the customers purchasing over $125 the brand has a very special free gift – Pandora branded umbrella.

Umbrella Giveaway for Pandora's 5th Anniversary
Customers love free gifts and high quality giveaways will make them feel appreciated. Therefore it will increase customer loyalty and retention rate.

What are the benefits of celebrating business anniversary?

A business anniversary provides an opportunity to promote the company and additionally boost sales. Another considerable benefit anniversaries provide are the chance for free publicity. Considering that the brand hosted a whole celebration event, it got substantial local media coverage.

Anniversary can also serve as differential advantage, one that competitors can’t match. It’s yet another reminder to the customers, prospects, rivals etc. of how successful your business is and that it has stood the test of time.

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