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Team Canada Celebrates their 43rd Anniversary with Special '72 Promotions

The national ice hockey team, Team Canada is now celebrating their 43rd anniversary of '72 Team Canada, with several of special promotions. The national team is putting multiple Team Canada '72 products on sale. The promotions will run from September 28th 2015 and contains a jersey and DVD Combo.

Team Canada Celebrates their 43rd Anniversary with Special '72 Promotions 

The Canada jerseys are from the national ice hockey team of 1972 and are therefore limited edition items. One of the jerseys is signed by the famous player Paul Henderson and would add to the perceived collectible high  value to Team Canada fans.

Benefits from Limited Edition Items

Limited edition items have as high collectible value as mentioned. Everybody wants to secure an item before it's sold out. Sports merchandise is therefore perfect for limited editions as fans want to show their support to the team.

Limited edition items also make people purchase by impulse, as they see something unique and different. It is easy to increase brand awareness when offering anniversary gifts like this because customers will help by spreading the advertising proposal by "word of mouth". This will boost sales both in the long run as well as in the short run.