Wednesday 29 June 2016

Entertainment Earth 20th Anniversary: Movie Merchandise

Entertainment Earth has provided so much joy to superhero and cartoon fans out there by selling the best collectibles. They have started with action figures in mint condition from Star Wars in 1996. That must have been a great decision because look at what they have already accomplished in the past years. Their products are not only a hit to children, but also to adults who are more capable of buying licensed figurines and toys without needing the parents’ permission.

For the company’s 20th birthday, they have given out cartoon and movie merchandise in the form of Pin Mate wooden figures to their greatest fans in this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Not-So-Shocking Benefits from Movie Merchandise

  • Thousands of Fans Want It. Captain America: Civil War of Marvel still makes some people argue about who is better between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, but they have not forgotten The Big Lebowski. This is perhaps the reason why the company has thought of these two movie franchises among the infinite number of films they can choose from. The fans truly, madly and deeply want collectibles centered to them, and so more people will stop by their booth during the event and make purchases.
  • Ultra-High Company Recognition. Because the figurines are not as mundane as a mug, they can really be distinguishable even from a distance. When people commune in such gatherings, it is as if they have known each other for a long time. They speak to one another while waiting on lines, and they give info on where there are a lot of freebies being given away. This increases the company’s individuality.

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