Tuesday 28 June 2016

Travel Giveaways for Drake's Cake 120th Anniversary

It must be a different feeling when you celebrate your company’s 1st anniversary and when you commemorate its 120th year in the industry that has provided you with creative space to produce the items you and your consumers believe in. Not a lot of brands will be able to explain the emotions that have succumbed them when they see themselves doing the latter; others foreclose before they even reach 10, 20 or 25 years. But Drake’s Cake can.

Drake’s Cake must be so overwhelmed by it, that’s why their anniversary giveaways comprise of a two-week road trip using a Winnebago rental car, solar lights, free thermos, branded duffel bags and many, many more.

Constructive Ideas About the Freebies
  • Higher Consumer Gratefulness. A lot of consumers are thankful for the sweet treats that Drake’s Cake has provided to them for over a century. The grandparents of their grandparents may actually have gone to this company and savored their products well. The promotional products, however, can bring their gratefulness for the existence of the brand to a higher level.
  • Shows That Their Goodies Are Not Just For Home. In a way, the promo gift pieces exhibit that the company’s products can also be enjoyed in long journeys. Furthermore, it encourages families to go on road trips as well so that they can experience what the grand winner will experience on a Winnebago vehicle.

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