Wednesday 8 June 2016

Branded Tote Bag - Friends of The Seattle Public Library 75th Anniversary Giveaway

Reading is therapeutic. Not too many people will agree to that statement, but there’s some truth to it. When you open a book, you learn new things. When you read, you experience an idea through the words of the author. And when you go to a public library, you may meet new people who share the same interests that you have.

This must be the reason why the Friends of The Seattle Public Library is still going strong at 75. What this non-profit organization is all about is that they help raise funds, donate and provide books for libraries that need aid the most. For their silver anniversary, they are giving away a branded tote bag.

What are Branded Tote Bags Good For?
  • For Greater Brand Visibility. You can use the tote bags at the library to carry the books that you want to take home with you. Once outside of the establishment, you can also use it as a shopping bag or a picnic bag which, either way, will make the brand achieve more visibility naturally in the community.
  • For Gaining More Advocates. The members of the organization give more than what they receive. They have same purpose as the founder, and that is to give or sell books for the betterment of libraries. The anniversary giveaway will help spread this knowledge about their cause, and then perhaps gain more members along the way.

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