Friday 9 September 2016

Gaby et Jules 3rd Anniversary Mug as Gifts with Purchase

You are probably aware of the three-year rule of dating, wherein some couples have agreed that their relationship has been tested a lot on the third year of being together. It can be due to financial or familial issues, one of them has met a more interesting individual, or they have simply fallen out of love. However, this does not apply to the relationship that Gaby et Jules has with their own customers, as they are now celebrating their third anniversary with gifts with purchase.

What are the benefits of giving away a cluster of presents?
  1. The consumers will be more stimulated to buy. Knowing that this is not a raffle promo and that they can take home some of the mixed goodies right after paying for their purchases encourage them to buy more stuff, in order to qualify for the promotion. The base amount required is not even 50 dollars, so getting any of these items is great.
  2. More profits will enter the company. The customized mug and sweets are all packed in a red promotional gift box which, for the record, is not made with flimsy material. Thus, it can actually be recycled and used in the future. Because of them, the profits of Gaby et Jules on their anniversary may double or triple.

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