Thursday 1 September 2016

75th Anniversary Travel Bag from Reagan National Airport

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, which was then simply called Washington National Airport when it was first constructed in 1941, is an international terminal that services over 20 million airline passengers every year. The airport has gone through several expansions since then, and its administration has decided to give away a very appropriate airport-related freebie for its 75th year: a travel bag.

Promo Gift Perks for the Airport
  • Lengthened Recognition. Should the travelers choose to bring this customized bag in one of their trips instead of the regular ones they own, more possible consumers will be enticed to fly through a practically ancient port next time. This promises higher sales for Ronald Reagan National Airport.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty. The passengers who do use the airport’s facilities now will be extra motivated to continue doing it, because they have realized that the company cares for them and wants to give back, even if it is via a small gift. Again, it may help make the profits rise.

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