Monday 26 September 2016

Customized Black Shirt for Mestrelab Research’s 10th Anniversary

Mestrelab Research is the intelligent developer of Mnova, a software that has been created to make chemical analyses more technology-friendly for the old and young scientists in the world. The company has begun as basically a startup – a university science project that has turned into a qualified business. It aids in simulating data for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, which studies the electromagnetic radiation’s concentration at a nuclear level.

You can say that they have succeeded in their changeover, as Mestrelab Research celebrates their 10th anniversary with a customized Mnova shirt.

Twosome Benefits from Free Anniversary Merchandise
  • Boosts People’s Knowledge. Because the shirt where there design has been printed to has excellent cotton fabric, the customers can wear the promo gift in places where casual clothes are allowed. Simply by walking in the mall or a park in which many like to people-watch, their awareness about the Mestrelab Research’s Mnova will increase.
  • Highlights the Brand Website. The customized shirt is a smart advertising strategy too, as it features the company’s site and logo. The words ‘Hey ho, let’s go!’ can be taken as either their way of cheering themselves up or attracting potential consumers to type their domain name in the search engine and see their products.

Check out the blog today.

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