Friday 12 February 2016

3rd Oolong Owl Anniversary: Black Kitty Mugs

Oolong Owl recently announced the two winners of Black Kitty Mugs that serve as giveaways for her blog’s 3rd birthday. This blog houses reviews about various kinds of teas and tea wares, as well as tea adventures that Char, the Oolong Owl, takes part in.

3rd Oolong Owl Anniversary: Black Kitty Mugs

What Can Giveaway Mugs Do For Oolong Owl?
Oolong Owl could have given away shirts or key chains with her blog’s logo, but she opted for two black kitty mugs and some tea samples of the winners’ preference instead. Why? There’s a good chance that it is because her followers are mostly tea lovers like her, and so every time they drink from these mugs, they think of Oolong Owl and want to check out her blog updates. These mugs, in a sense, have a strong relation to what the blogger is celebrating on her 3rd anniversary. 

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