Thursday 11 February 2016

FREE DIY Clutch - Virginie Peny 6th Blog Anniversary

To let their voices be heard, to self-promote, to extend their ingenuity, and to connect with individuals across the globe are some of the reasons why people create their own blogs. Regardless of what topics are being tackled, a blog is personal most of the time to its maker, that’s why celebrating its anniversary is a big deal.

For Virginie Peny, a French lady who started her DIY blog six years ago, there’s no other appropriate way of rejoicing for this special day than sending off a DIY clutch bag to a very lucky winner. She will take her pick on February 10, 2016, so for those who want to get this accessory, you simply have to follow her on Facebook or Instagram, and mention on her giveaway post “why or how you’d love to wear it”.

FREE DIY Clutch - Virginie Peny 6th Blog Anniversary

How Can Virginie Peny’s Anniversary Giveaway Benefit the Brand?
Virginie Peny utilizes the power of likes, clicks, tags and comments to expand people’s awareness about her blog without shedding off too much cash. Also, Virginie Peny is giving away a customized clutch, which effectively embodies what the blog is all about. More traffic can go to the website, and the blog’s subscribers can rise up. This is a smart and millennial marketing idea that any company can also use to their own promotional advantage.

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