Wednesday 10 February 2016

Gatineau DefiLIFT 10th Anniversary - Free Gift with Purchase

Gatineau Paris is a pioneer skincare brand established by Jeanne Gatineau, and it has been creating cosmetic wonders since 1932. This year, the company is all set to commemorate the 10th birthday of one of its famous brainchild: the DefiLIFT formulation. In a nutshell, this formula helps restore the youthful look of the skin.

Along with the three DefiLIFT products which have a total value of ₤114.67, you can get a special Gatineau Cosmetic Bag exclusively at for only ₤52.20.

Gatineau DefiLIFT 10th Anniversary - Free Gift with Purchase
This is such a persuasive technique because:
  1.  It encourages more deals. The potential customers will zero in on the fact that if they purchase this, not only will they be paying less than 50% of the actual price, but they will also get a new and sophisticated cosmetic bag.
  2.  It has a distinct style. The brand becomes more noticeable because of the consistency of silver and light color combinations used in the merchandise, as well as in the giveaway. No eye-popping designs – just a style that is distinctly Gatineau.

Do you want to offer gift with purchase for your brand’s anniversary too? You can visit our blog to find more promotional ideas on how you can do that.

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