Monday 15 February 2016

BlizzPlanet 13th Anniversary Celebration Giveaways

BlizzPlanet is a website where fanatics of Blizzard Games, such as Diablo II, Warcraft III, World of Warcraft, and Starcraft, commune to be in the know about what's new in the gaming world. Their 13th year celebration may have just ended last January 28, 2016, but not before they have given away cool items that gamers and manga lovers will undoubtedly all want for themselves.

The said merchandise are comprised of Tokyopop World of Warcraft manga AND a free Horde or Alliance shirt (whichever you wish to receive). The giveaways were sent out after their subscribers answered several questions which, in a way, reflects how much they love, love, love the World of Warcraft. Not a bad way to get amazing stuff for free, right?

BlizzPlanet 13th Anniversary Celebration Giveaways

What can freebies do for BlizzPlanet?

Free gifts, aside from the fun facts and additional knowledge that people regularly get out of BlizzPlanet, are huge factors in keeping loyal consumers or gamers to the brand.

The T-shirt that comes with the 2016 Tokyopop manga adds more value to it, because the winners get the chance to wear the logo or the emblem of the World of Warcraft faction that they favor. It shows even more that the brand owner knows what his viewers like, and wants to express his gratitude one extra shirt and manga at a time.

Yes, this marketing strategy works, folks. If you want to do something similar for your company's anniversary, visit our blog to see more promotional ideas that your brand can benefit from.

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