Wednesday 20 April 2016

10th Anniversary Celebration Giveaways by Beeyoutiful Blog

A blog that has lasted for a decade – and counting – is not unheard of. Yet, it does not mean that it is still not mind-blowing, because if you think of how much time, effort and knowledge its creators have poured to the blog over the years… wow!

Beeyoutiful, according to their website, is a ‘full disclosure company’ that is celebrating its 10th anniversary right now. The topics they tackle? Everything that concerns health and healthy living – herbs, essential oils, organic products, and so much more. As a way of giving back, the brand will be sending onesies, water bottles and adult shirts free of charge to a few of their avid subscribers.

Why are Giveaways Awesome for Everyone?
  • It makes the brand more human. If they will only keep on posting content in the blog without interacting with their followers, people may think that the owners of the site are there solely to make money, and do not really want to promote awareness about healthy living. Giveaways make others feel that the originators of the brand are more human, that they actually read their comments and know what most of them like, and so the free stuff they are giving away have a connection to their possible needs.
  • It will eventually bring more sales. Beeyoutiful has an online shop as well where subscribers can easily turn into customers. The giveaways will only last for a certain time, so those who have not been so lucky to receive these cool gifts can purchase them at the shop. Therefore, the brand gains more sales.

Is it your brand or company’s birthday too? Find out how you can celebrate it well through our blog today!

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