Tuesday 26 April 2016

BHG Singapore Celebrates 21 Years with GWPs

BHG Singapore was once a department store that wished to be one of the top retail stores in the said country. Its owners worked hard to be able to make their dream come true, and although they have indeed succeeding in fulfilling this, we see no ending yet to this happy story as the company is still going strong and is even currently celebrating its 21st anniversary. This only shows us that even if some stores have gone digital already, physical stores are still well-loved by the consumers and never get out of style.

How they are commemorating this special milestone is by giving away discounts, free bags, and mobile phones, as well as hosting a raffle promo in which the lucky winners can go to a summer getaway for a few days.

Giveaway Benefits for BHG Singapore
  • Higher Customer Devotion. Because the company has been around for over two decades now, it is not surprising if there are some Singaporeans who only want to shop at the BHG Singapore, as this is what they are most familiar with or they like the customer experience here. Whatever their reason is, due to the cool anniversary giveaways being presented to them, they may feel more devotion towards the company now.
  • Enormous Sales. The sales should not be forgotten here because, even if BHG Singapore is spending so much on their anniversary giveaways this year and they have low minimum requirement for those who wish to avail these giveaways, there are people who will want to have higher chances of winning these items. For that to happen, they will make a lot of purchases, and so the company will gain even more while doing something good for their loyal customers.

Saying that BHG Singapore has gone over the top with their anniversary giveaways is not really a hyperbole. You can do it for your customers too. Visit our blog to know how.

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