Wednesday 13 April 2016

ELEMIS Collection 10th Anniversary GWP

Keeping a company afloat is no easier feat than opening a company, because anyone can launch a business right here right now, but saying how and until when it can be profitable for the owner(s) is like trying to predict who the next lottery winner is. However, ELEMIS, a beauty brand from Great Britain, has one of its greatest skin collections celebrating its 10th year anniversary with a gift with purchase which can be found at the FeelUnique website.

ELEMIS Collection 10th Anniversary GWP

What benefits can a brand get from a gift with purchase as an anniversary promo?
  • Greater Brand Significance. The significance of the brand is even greater now more than ever, due to the fact that they have prepared a special gift in the form of an elegant cosmetic case for every purchase of some of their selected products. It shows how they adore their consumers, and how they understand their consumers’ need for a makeup case because, really, a woman can never say she has ‘too much cases’ if she likes beauty products a lot.
  • More Profits. Anniversary is a nice way of reminding a company of the years they have spent on something, but it does not mean they should forget to promote their products. Actually, this is even a smart idea because people generally are more lenient to those who celebrate something. It’s their way of joining the festivities.

Give your consumers anniversary giveaways that will take eons to forget. Check out our blog to know how.

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