Thursday 7 April 2016

25th Anniversary Giveaways from Prime Time International

Looking for ways to pepper up your day? How about get some multi-colored peppers from Prime Time International, a company that knows no holidays or off-seasons as they produce, package and dispatch high-quality bell peppers 365 days every year? The owners and their employees are so proficient at what they do that they are rejoicing the company’s 25th anniversary this 2016 by slipping awesome red envelopes to random customers’ boxes. What these red envelopes signify is that they are getting a limited issue pure silver coin, as well as a polo shirt, from the company.

25th Anniversary Giveaways from Prime Time International

How can it attract more clients?
  • Get a Sense of Exclusivity. There is something amazing about getting a gift in a red packaging. The red envelope exudes exclusivity, as if some other envelopes of the same kind have not been stashed to other people’s boxes, as if the anniversary gifts are only and especially for the receiver. It can make anyone feel so cherished that they will talk about it to their friends and become a lifetime customer. This is great for the brand, of course.
  • Pureness Wins. If the red envelope catches someone’s attention, the ‘pure silver coin’ most possibly seals the deal, because it means that for their anniversary, Prime Time International is going all-out. This can turn into a collectible easily, and will be much appreciated by coin collectors out there.

Drop great marketing ideas yearly, and many people will look forward to your next brand anniversary. Visit our blog today for more information on how to follow through with that.

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