Tuesday 31 May 2016

Louisiana Lottery 25th Anniversary – Promotional Collection

Winning the lottery is a one-in-a-million thing, a chance of a lifetime. Although that sounds almost like the lyrics of a famous old song, this is how players feel about this game of sheer luck.

There are people who are against it, but did you know that it is mostly for a good cause? Lousiana Lottery, for instance, has been giving a portion of their earnings towards the K-12 education, and this is the 25th year since they first did it. See, they even prepared a promotional collection consisting of calendar, shirts, tumbler, notebook and pen for some lucky lottery players.

Collective Promotional Rewards for the Brand
  • More Satisfied Consumers. Getting a free T-shirt or a free pen is already good, but receiving a promotional collection of stuff that can be used in everyday life? That is fantabulous! The more items the brand can give away, the more satisfied their consumers will be.
  • Costless Additional Marketing. As a brand owner, you may have to pay for the manufacturing of your anniversary giveaways. However, making your name known to other people beyond your reach will be costless, since your consumers who got the freebies will do that for you – consciously or subconsciously.  They can outright talk about the awesome promotional products they received from the brand, or their officemate borrows the pen, or they display the calendar in the common room.

Give your anniversary giveaways a personal touch. Find out how on our blog.

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