Thursday 21 July 2016

40th Anniversary Replica Jerseys from Toronto Blue Jays

There are a few reasons why a blue jay, a small white-faced bird, is of great significance to us. Firstly, its hawk call has helped a lot of animals from escaping danger in the wild. Secondly, the mockingjay bird would not have been possible in the famous movie franchise without the blue jay. Thirdly, this is the namesake of the Toronto Blue Jays, a baseball team that popularly plays both in Canada and the United States. Actually, the latter has gained the respect of so many fans that they are now on their 40th anniversary celebration, and with the replica jerseys of Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar given out to 20,000 fans in their previous game series against Detroit Tigers.

Branded Goodness from Replica Jerseys
  • Brings Back Memories. The promo gift, aside from giving something cool to the team’s fans, is intended to pay homage to a couple of baseball players who have provided glory and victory to the Toronto Blue Jays during their time. Thus, their old supporters will remember those games when these two were still at the height of their careers.
  • Shows What the Team is Made Of. The customized jerseys also show the kind of players that have come from the team. Their wins are the team’s wins too, and they do not want people to forget that.

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