Thursday 28 July 2016

Gift with Purchase Umbrella for Goldilocks’ 50th Celebration

The Goldilocks Bakeshop was opened in the mid-1960s by three sister (or momma bears) who like making Philippine pastries and cakes that many families can get a taste of. The sweetness that the company radiates has gone so far that they have probably hundreds of branches in the Philippines, USA and Canada.

Since Goldilocks promotes sharing, the cake lovers who will buy a 25-dollar worth of items in any of their outlets will receive a free umbrella as a gift with purchase. This is the continuation of their 50th anniversary gift campaign – with a PWP mug previously – that we have featured a couple of weeks back.

How is this a noteworthy promo giveaway?
  • It can withstand different seasons. The marketing product can be utilized during the winter, summer or rainy seasons. The fact that it has strong limbs and can protect you from natural occurrences at all times is very comforting.
  • It won’t go out of style. Although fashion is going to be the least of your worries when rain and snow are pouring hard, or when the sun is too hot, you will not look like you have come from the 20th century because of the promotional merchandise. The umbrella comes in brown and gold colors, which are both earthy tones, so they can will be great with many outfits.

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