Friday 8 July 2016

Kung Fu Panda 3 Keychains for Yogurtland’s 10th Anniversary

Yogurts are healthier than ice creams. They can also be used in making breakfast meals and other desserts. This is most likely the reason why a lot of companies focused on bringing high-quality yogurt to more people are continuously thriving instead of flopping. One brand that can be categorized with the former – the ones that have achieved success in the business – is Yogurtland. For their 10-year celebration, they provided free keychains designed like the main characters from Kung Fu Panda 3.

Movie Merchandise’s Advantageous Points
  • Brand awareness is not an issue. Every anime-loving individual on the planet knows Master Shifu, Po and the Furious Five from the previous installments of Kung Fu Panda. These movies which have been produced by the DreamWorks Animation have gained a lot of recognition. Hence, the promo gift keychains that resemble the said characters were also famous.
  • More sales will visit the store franchises. If one Yogurtland shop welcomes 100 customers in a day, for instance, they can expect that number to triple or quadruple due to their adorable gift with purchase. This is not just for display, as anyone who has keys or zippered bags can use it.

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