Friday 22 July 2016

Stonewall Kitchen 25th Anniversary Picnic Tote Bags

The creation of Stonewall Kitchen is not like what you would see in new businesses in which the owners have put months or even years in making their business proposal and polishing everything before they launch their products. In the former’s case, the two partners have practically just tried to sell their jams, oils and other homemade goods in local markets in 1991. The growing demand of a lot of consumers for their merchandise has led them to take the next big step of getting a manufacturing and headquarters facility.

This has paid off so well that they are now celebrating Stonewall Kitchen’s 25th anniversary and giving away a free tote bag to each of their customers.

Benefits of Anniversary Bags
  • Useful. This is basically a tote bag for picnic, yet you can use it when you go to the beach, an outdoor concert, or a camping site. It is quite spacious, so you will have a big room for foods and drinks that can be shared by everyone.
  • Pleasant. The promotional product is stylish, in fact. The brand logo is not emblazoned all over the material, that’s why it does not make the bag look cheap. The color block of white and blue seems fantastic as well.

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