Wednesday 13 July 2016

PWP Mug on Goldilocks’ 50th Anniversary

Cakes and pastries are best paired with your favorite hot chocolate or coffee. The enchanting aroma of these beverages complement the sweet taste of the desserts.

In the Philippines, one of the top makers of delicious cakes and breads is Goldilocks. The delicate pastries they have created are all part of their 50-year success. To commemorate this milestone – their golden anniversary – they are giving out premium mugs at a discounted price for any dedication cake you get.

Purchase with Purchase Perks
  • Customized for Consumers’ Needs. Stirring and keeping the heat of the drink will not be difficult, since the mug comes with a spoon and a lid. This particular mug is taller and slightly narrower than the typical ones, that’s why your regular spoon may not be able to stir it properly, and the teaspoon will be too short to reach the bottom without your finger dipping in the hot beverage. The add-ons are customized just for the consumers’ needs.
  • Excellent Product On Sale. How big companies market a product is that they show the normal and the discounted rates at the same time. Because of it, the potential customers will see how much they can save if they get the item as a purchase with purchase. Not to mention, it is made from excellent ceramic that won’t chip easily, so it really is a great find.
  • Celebratory Design. The logo printed on the mug is a more festive version of Goldilocks’ original logo. It is cute and shows what the brand is celebrating. This can more people to have a hand in the anniversary by at least making a purchase. Thus, the sales will increase significantly.

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