Thursday 5 May 2016

Giveaways for Star Media Group’s 45th Anniversary

Star Media Group is a Malaysian newspaper company which published its first tabloid in the province of Penang in September 1971. While most novice publications experience bankruptcy after a couple of years, Star Media refused to end up on that same downhill path. It may still be a rocky road, but their ideals for the company is stronger than the difficulties they have had to face through the years. And look at where they are now? The localized tabloid has branched out to other places in the country, and the news are not only seen in prints but also in their online sites.

True, Star Media Group is doing well – so well, in fact, that they are playing host to a lot of giveaways this year for their 45th anniversary. For their first giveaway, they will be sending out dashcams to 45people who will answer their contest form in a very creative manner.

Effects of Anniversary Giveaways for the Company
  • Subscriptions may increase. When the news gets out that Star Media Group will be giving away some cool items, it is possible that more people will get subscription to their newspaper and other news portals, in the hopes of getting more information about the contests. It adds to the consumers’ excitement the idea of not knowing all the giveaways until such time that every contest period opens.
  • Customer loyalty is fortified. Anniversary giveaways can fortify the loyalty of the publication’s customers, because it gives them the idea that the newspaper company they are supporting is top-notch, as it can send forth a great number of high-tech gadgets, and maybe even more, that can help get more new stories from the places which their reporters cannot always reach.

If you want your company to reach over 45 years in the industry too, visit our blog to get more ideas about anniversary giveaways.

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