Monday 9 May 2016

Anniversary Giveaway Galore for ASPCA’s 150th Anniversary

Treating pets like your own child, dressing them beautifully and sometimes even giving them their own room is the new trend these days all over the world. They have become more than just a man’s best friend – dogs, cats, horses and all animals are included. However, not all of them are lucky to have owners who see them as a part of their family, and they often are the ones that get abandoned, or worse, abused.

This is what the Animal Society for the Prevention ofCruelty to Animals (ASPCA), a non-profit organization, has been trying to avoid for over a hundred years already – 150 years, to be exact. They have been rescuing the unfortunate animals from the streets or from anywhere else and helping them get the better life they deserve in the hands of nicer and more loving people. And for their 150th anniversary, they are encouraging animal lovers to volunteer some of their time and help them do good deeds to these beautiful souls for 150 days. In addition, FiveSibes partners up with them to send a wonderful collection of anniversary giveaways to a good number of people who will enter the giveaway contest at their website.

Achievable Things for ASPCA
  • More Sponsors and Volunteers. There are folks out there who surely want to help animals, yet they do not know how. Now, thanks to the connectivity that internet brings, a lot of them may be able to see this through web search, and they will want to donate their time or money to join the cause.
  • Higher Consciousness About ASPCA. Humans always have a soft spot for animals, and vice versa. No one has to be super fond of pets to the point of letting them share their bed before they feel for the animals. The anniversary giveaways will help make people become more conscious of the fact that ASPCA exists for such reasons.

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