Thursday 5 May 2016

Plush Giveaways for Casdon’s 70th Anniversary

Blood is literally and figuratively thicker than water. Family members who put up a business together may have greater edge at achieving success, as they already know one another. This is most probably the case of Tom and Joe Cassidy, the brothers who have founded the company called Cassidy Brothers in the middle of 20th century. The name has been transformed into Casdon last 2010, but the initial goals of the company lives on up to this day that they even celebrating their 70th anniversary.

70 of their widely known plush toys Henry and Hetty will be given to the same number of fans who will participate through their Facebook and Twitter channels.

How can this add to the popularity of Casdon?
  • They are something to remember the company by. Not all companies reach 70 years, much less 7 years or 7 months, that’s why this is truly a great milestone for Casdon. By giving away a couple of the toys that their customers know them most for, it reminds people about what the company is all about. Hence, this reinstates the place of Casdon to their minds.
  • The power of social media is very much alive. To the technical side of things, the company will be even more popular because they have gone virtual for their anniversary giveaways, and this means that they reach practically anyone around the globe. More people will hear about this, and more people can turn into actual customers in the future.

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