Tuesday 31 May 2016

Canvas Giveaways for U.S. Cellular Field’s 25th Anniversary

The Chicago White Sox have been batting for victory since 1901. Yet, their home since 1991 is and has long been the U.S. Cellular Field. This Major League Baseball team has experienced a lot of memorable games in this ballpark where some of the best players, like Mark Buehrle, A.J. Pierzynski, Paul Konerko, Carlton Fisk, and Scott Podsednik, among many others, have poured their heart and soul into achieving wins for the group.

Now that the ballpark is turning 25 years old, the White Sox will be playing there once more during their Homecoming Weekend. As part of the celebration, on May 21st, they will be giving out anniversary canvas giveaways to 20,000 fans in the stadium!

Advantages from Commemorative Promo Gifts
  • Good Times are Not Forgotten. The promo gift is going to 20,000 homes after the game. More likely than not, they will end up in a fan’s room or dead-center in the living room where people can always look at it and bring a smile to their faces. This smile comes not mainly because they actually got the item, but because they remember the good times when this or that player was still with the team.
  • Uplifts Brand Value. We have always been told that we don’t realize how much time we have consumed if we are enjoying what we do. What the brand is doing with this photo collage is that they are recalling the memories that the baseball team has had in the ballpark, and true-bloom Chicago White Sox fans may be able to relate to every image in the canvas as well. Thus, it uplifts the brand value.

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