Tuesday 24 May 2016

Nathan’s Famous 100th Anniversary Giveaway – Wooden Coins

Nathan’s Famous is truly famous when it comes to juicy hot dogs, and it has been for exactly a century now. It started as a family business, but now it has expanded globally and even has covered several other large fast food chains from America. Their biggest anniversary treat for their loyal supporters is that, for a limited period of time, they are bringing back the original price of their hot dog to 5 cents. Just like the old times, eh? In addition to that, they have prepared 100 wooden coins when you pre-register to their promotion.

What Makes This Anniversary Giveaway Extraordinary?
  • It’s classic. A classic giveaway for a classic brand. This must be what Nathan’s Famous is going for when they thought of giving away wooden coins. They have gone past their silver and golden anniversary; they are in their centennial anniversary now. Being able to achieve that three-digit number is such a huge milestone for anyone – or for any brand, for that matter.
  • It’s well-designed. The image above clearly shows the two faces of the coin, and you can see that it is so intricately designed with little things that mean so much for the owners of the brand. There’s their logo, the year when they started, and the drawing of their original restaurant where it all began.
  • It brings back good memories. In one way or another, Nathan’s Famous has been a part of its consumers’ lives. Parents might have gone on their first date there, school friends might have hung out there after classes, or eating Nathan’s Famous’ hot dogs must be the kids’ prize back then for getting good grades. Whatever memory it is, the wooden coin can bring all those back.
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