Tuesday 17 May 2016

NUXE Paris 10th Anniversary Gift with Purchase

When a product is launched, brand owners have this understandable fear that what if their consumers cannot appreciate this thing that they have spent months working on? If that’s the case, this will hurt not only their egos but also their profits. But let us think of how people behind beauty brands feel whenever they release collections of products. That must be a thousand times more nerve-wracking, right?

Because of this, it is simply reasonable for NUXE Paris to memorialize their 10th anniversary with a gift with purchase that is up for grabs at the FeelUnique website.

Why Gift with Purchase as Anniversary Giveaway?
  1. It increases brand’s profits. It is quite nice to keep earning while still celebrating. Gift with purchases during company anniversaries usually have the regular products given away at almost have their original value, so that’s one gift already. Then there is the actually freebie that comes with the purchase. This is what increases the brand’s profits.
  2. It makes brand more popular. Within a circle of friends, when one of them loves skincare or beauty products, it’s impossible that she’s the only person that loves such things. Isn’t it that birds of the same feather flock together? So, if someone gets this NUXE anniversary giveaway, she will tell her gal pals where she got it, and then these people can become new or returning customers. Thus, it makes brand more popular.

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