Tuesday 1 September 2015

Anniversary Giveaway: Free Bandanna!

"Summer Story" are utilizing the power of giveaways to celebrate their anniversary. They are giving away a free bandanna with any online purchase; this will surely increase there sales online and social media presence through marketing this way.

Anniversary Giveaway: Free Bandanna!
Anniversaries are always a prime opportunity for business to celebrate and market their business effectively. This is precisely what Summer Story are doing. As Summer Story are a clothing company, giving away a Bandanna not only has potential to increase sales , but it also simultaneously expands their product portfolio. An approach like this both adds value to the business and the consumers. 

The benefits of this approach to marketing

  • Social Media Presence - Online presence is essential for any business, but especially for a clothing business like summer story given the increased purchases online. Giving away a bandanna and advertising it on twitter as they have done increases your social media presence. Essential for any business for sure! 
  • Increased sales - All other benefits aforementioned trickle down to increase sales in a business, the logic used here can be applied to many promotional gifts, and this is especially effective during a business' anniversary.
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