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Free Gift With Purchase - The Choosy Chick Anniversary Promotion

The health and beauty care company, The Choosy Chick is now in celebration of their company anniversary and offers a free limited edition goodie bag with a $75 purchase. This promotion runs through whole September 2015 and is a great chance for customers to receive a limited edition branded bag, which no other people have. 

Offering a product, which is a limited edition is surely a great way to create more attention to your brand or specific product. People really want to receive special product which other people do not have.

Why offer a Free Gift With Purchase? 

Promotions where branded products and merchandise are included is valuable to most companies when raising sales. It makes customers feel more valuable and appreciated by the company. Afterwards people therefore do tend to make a re-purchase of your product because they felt appreciated.

A free gift with purchase also makes people buy impulse. The extra little promotional product that you add will create more value to your sales campaign and would therefore make people to buy, because people do like to receive free gifts.