Tuesday 15 September 2015

1 Year Anniversary Celebration - Free Snapbacks as Giveaways

The UK based fashion company Elysium Threads celebrated their 1 anniversary as a professional retail fashion company by giving 2 of their famous snapback caps away for free. When people where retweeting the company's post on Twitter, where they automatically in the competition about winning a free cap. The lucky winners where drawn 5th of September 2015.

1 Year Anniversary Celebration - Free Snapbacks as Giveaways 

How can a company benefit from Anniversary Giveaways? 

Companies can benefit from giveaways in many ways. When a company has its anniversary it is a great time to offer giveaways, as people love to receive free gifts. It helps to increase awareness of your company's anniversary campaign and will have greater chances to become a unique customized giveaway compared with non-anniversary giveaways. 
A cap is a great promotional product to brand with your company logo/name on. It is an item that people wear in public and therefore does it helps to increase your company's brand awareness meanwhile sales is raising.

Below is listed some benefits when using giveaways as a part of your marketing strategy:   
  • Increased brand awareness 
  • Higher customer loyalty 
  • Boosted sales 
  • Impulse purchasing 
If you would like to hear more on this topic, you can vist our blog! Its full of interesting reads in various products and marketing strategies. 

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